What to know about lighting:

Eliminate House Lighting

Uplighting allows you to dim, or even turn off, the house lighting. Not only does this emphasize your wedding colors, but it also creates a warmer atmosphere for dancing – no one likes dancing with the house lights on!

Make an Inexpensive Impact

Uplighting is single-handedly the most cost efficient way to improve the ambiance in your space. Uplighting a large room correctly only costs $500-800 and really gives your guests the impression that they’re at a polished, high-end event.

Not All Lights Are Created Equal

It’s easy to think that all companies that offer uplighting are the same, but not all uplights are created equal! Brightness, color mixing, beam width, quality of the optics, and build quality can all have a large impact on how uplighting looks at your event.

Endless Placement Options

The latest trend in lighting is battery-powered uplighting. Although the lights are more expensive to purchase, the cost to you is generally the same as a wired fixture. The benefit of battery powered uplighting is you have endless placement options. There is no power draw from your venue (very helpful in historical locations), and of course, no unsightly wires running to power outlets.Continue on to read more about lighting for your wedding at

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Wow guests the minute they arrive at your wedding. Accenting the outside of a venue or uplighting trees are great options for outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Before & After:







All eyes are on you at the ceremony so utilizing lighting to create a focal point is essential. Harsh house lighting can take away from the beauty of your intimate nuptials.

Ceremony Before & After:







Your guests will spend the majority of the evening at the reception, so it is important to create a dim-lit atmosphere where everyone can enjoy dinner and dancing.

Reception Before & After: