By Jon Bartlett

Over the last twelve months, there has been one theme that I have heard consistently from the majority of my couples. “We want our wedding to… be original.” This phrase can be both inspirational and daunting. Some couples can be overwhelmed with the fear of replicating certain elements of their friend’s wedding and can be robbed of the joy of planning their own dream wedding day. So in your venture to be original, make sure to be yourself and do whatever it is you want to do. 

To start off our journey, let’s first discover the origin of the phrase – “Be Original”

BE {bee}     Verb:  To exist or live, To take place; happen; occur, To occupy a place or position

ORIGINAL {uh-rij-uh-nl}

Adjective: New; fresh; inventive, Arising independently of anything else, Thinking or acting in a creative or individual manner

Noun: An original work as opposed to any copy or imitation, A person whose ways of thinking are original 

Next, let’s dive into the elements of your day that can stand out the most and give you the opportunity to “Be Original”.  


The grand entrance is a great way to start the party. This is one of the only times in your life that you get the opportunity to be introduced in a big way to a room full of your biggest fans. Even though many people go with the classic approach of including the whole bridal party, some couples choose to have just themselves announced. 

Really this is your moment, so do exactly what you want.  If you want it to just be the two of you, do it. If you want your bridal party to make a tunnel or warm up the crowd with a lip-synced dance routine, do it. There is no wrong way to be introduced.


The first dance is not only a couple’s first opportunity to dance together, but it’s also an opportunity to let your personalities shine. I encourage all of my couples to choose a song that means something to their personal story. Sometimes it’s a great opportunity to search and see if there is a lesser-known remix or cover version. It never hurts to get dance classes for a classically styled dance or a crazy mash-up so you feel prepared.


If you choose to have a special dance with your parents, make sure that the dance mirrors your relationship with your Dad or Mom. For instance, if your relationship with your Dad is more light and fun, either choose a song with a lighter tone or add a fun moment at the end after dancing to a slower more emotional song.


This day is literally the biggest party you will ever throw for yourself, so make sure you get a DJ or band that is able to customize their music set to fit your personality and style. It is imperative that you communicate your goals and your musical style beforehand so your entertainment can set a tone and environment that truly represents you as a couple. The attention should always be focused on you and reflect you properly. If you and your guests are a group of raging dancers, make sure your party is pumping from beginning to end. If you’re a bit more reserved, there is always a way to have some fun but still have more of a lounge setting.


It’s the end of your big night, so make sure you end it with a bang! Even though some couples like the idea of slipping out conspicuously before the last song, it’s honestly better to allow your family and friends to sing that last song to you. Trust me, this will create a moment that you will remember for a long time. When choosing a last song, try and choose a song that has some history and represents you, your family and your friends.


There are many ways that you can have your family and friends see you off, so make sure you choose something fun and epic. Here are some of the fun choices I have seen lately: riding off in a classic car, fireworks display, glow-stick tunnel, and paparazzi (camera flash) exit.

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