Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend, but recently they are finding that more and more often they are having to take a back seat to the newly admired gemstone engagement rings. While a trend in colorful ring-wear should have taken flight in the 1980s with Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, it has taken until now for the everyday bride to consider a glistening gem over a traditional diamond. Whether it be a vibrant sapphire or a blissfully pink morganite, do you dare to wear a gemstone?


With its shimmering blush appearance, the most popular gemstone is morganite. Illustrated here with both a silver and rose gold setting, the versitle gemstone adapts well to its bride’s personal style.


As the color of the sparkling Caribbean waters, the aquamarine gemstone is the perfect accessory to any proposal. The refreshing shade of blue is commonly placed in a white gold setting with accenting diamonds.


Emeralds are one of the most vibrant gemstones, illuminating a stunning hue of green. Their recognition grew widespread during ancient times, as they were a popular focal point in crowns worn by royalty. 


Reflective of the evening sky, the sapphire radiates an intriguing deep blue color. Coupled with radiant diamonds, this gemstone creates a breathtaking engagement ring.


Tourmaline is not a mainstream gemstone but the vivacious color cannot be resisted. This orange tourmaline engagement ring has been arranged in a vintage setting. A truly unique gemstone for an equally unique bride. 


You can find topaz gemstones in many different colors, including the enchanting yellow shown in this engagement ring. It is believed that a yellow topaz gemstone brings its owner good fortune.