There are two different types of restaurants. The first type is the one that you dine at for a quick meal, and usually for a quick buck. While your growling stomach finds its relief, ultimately your taste buds aren’t all that impressed. You recognize this place as the one you always know what you are going to order and to what quality of food you will receive. You don’t even need to look at the menu.

The second type of restaurant is one of fine dining. While often construed as the pricey alternative for a date night, it often serves more than delectable food. Servers are equipped with excellent knowledge, both of the contents of the meal and of the best beverage pairings. And as the patron, you find yourself exploring new flavors, taking extra time to select from the menu, and enjoying yourself and your company while partaking in a dining experience.

Now let it be known that the newest restaurant in Kansas City to provide you with the impeccable service you deserve with a price that all can afford is the classy ’37 Steak.

I don’t make it a habit to recommend just any restaurant, so I made sure to do my due diligence. I first visited ‘37 Steak to sample numerous selections from their menu and found each item from the Spicy Candied Bacon to the Triple Chocolate Ganache Cake to be exquisitely delightful. The second time I returned was with 50 of my closest family and friends to secretly view the abilities of the kitchen and staff to serve a large group (comparable to your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception). Within the large private dining room, each person was able to order off a selected menu and enjoyed the exclusive attention of the finest craft bartender in the city. I further noticed that the servers treated each attendee with the same attentive nature and attention to detail that I had received previously while dining privately. The last time I visited was on a night believed to be one of the busiest they would see all winter, Valentine’s Day. I wanted to see to what quality the kitchen could maintain the food on such a hectic evening.

Even still, I remained captivated as the meal that I had sampled on a prior occasion, the Grilled Chilean Sea Bass was prepared to perfection and the table side service was pleasing.  It is only through experiencing ’37 Steak on three separate occasions, in three entirely different circumstances, that I can whole-heartedly recommend that you can entrust them with a part of your wedding. Whether it is your rehearsal dinner, pre-bachelor/ette party get-together, or the grand reception itself, they will engage your senses with a style and eloquence that elevates your dining experience into a new league of its own.

The Atmosphere

As soon as you walk in the front entrance of ’37 Steak you are greeted by an edgy yet sleek three-sided bar. Ideal for cocktails or late-night appetizers, the relaxed atmosphere is welcoming to any on-looker. While being escorted to the main dining room, you will pass a glass-enclosed floor to ceiling wine cellar complete with the finest wines to be paired with dinner. The main dining area is split in half by an artistic metal light feature to create a more intimate environment for all. Throughout the restaurant you will find sleek modern light fixtures and the tabletop adorned with the perfect candlelight for a steak dinner.

The Food

Executive Chef Nick Estell has instilled the perfect balance of flavor and presentation into each selection on the menu. It is clear to see that he values the freshness of seafood and the delicacy of a finely cut steak. Each entrée is impeccably assembled with layering flavors for you to experience and enjoy.  I, myself, have tried fifteen different selections from the ’37 Steak menu (not all in one sitting). From Lobster Bisque, to a Bone-in Rib Eye, and an 18 ounce Lobster Tail, I found myself to be appreciative to tantalizing flavors I had never experienced before ’37 Steak. Acclaim has been earned and credit is due to the man behind it all in the white chef’s coat, Nick Estell.

The Private Rooms

There are three private dining areas within ’37 Steak, and all are named after a true Kansas City attraction. The largest of the rooms, called “Plaza”, is perfect for rehearsal dinners and can accommodate up to 45 guests. Two large TV’s are available to show a slideshow of photos and a microphone is readily available for speeches. The highlight feature of this room is the perfectly designed private bar. Fully built for the pleasure of serving guests, a bartender is provided to serve to your guests exclusively.

The next smallest room, “Crown Center” is ideal for small rehearsal dinners or pre-wedding celebrations, such as a bridal shower or bachelor/ette party. This room holds up to 16 guests and features a long family-style table. Four TV’s are mounted to show off the perfect reel of photos or to plug into the exciting game.

The smallest room available is for you and a select few. Seating up to 6 guests, the “Power & Light” room is as intimate as you can get. You have a designated server to take care of the meal and beverage selections for you while you enjoy a conversationalist’s dinner.

The ever-accommodating general manager of ’37 Steak, Irakli Jorjadze (also known as “BB”) is the point of contact to begin your dining experience. He will ensure that you and your guests’ experience will be one to remember.

Craft Bartending

You haven’t tried a handcrafted drink until you have tasted one of ’37 Steak’s craft bartender, Michael Strohm’s drinks. To say I was unaware of the modern sophistication of craft bartending is an understatement. I have seen the movie “Cocktail”; I know bartenders can get fancy. But this level of entertainment and education has me in awe of what I have been missing out on all this time.

Not only does Michael prepare seasonal drinks to accompany the kitchen’s specialties, he also takes the time to grow the herbs, shrubs and bitters that make up portions of his recipes. It is his personal selection of the juices, sugars, and fruits that cultivate the flavorsome beverage that finds its way to your hand.

I decided to try anything that he would make, at least once, and to skip over being cautious of the ingredients. I tested the Smoking Spice Margarita (not being a person that is overly excited about margarita’s) and found that the tequila wasn’t overpowering and the flavor was ideally balanced. This is a margarita that I could enjoy laying on a beach somewhere, not the tangy mass produced version. I continued tasting and as I tried drinks that I knew and those that I didn’t, I seemed to find an underlying conclusion- due to Michael’s unique passion, skill, and knowledge about the ingredients he is using, his drinks are dangerously delicious.

It’s for Show & Tell

One of the best parts of Michael’s talents (other than the taste) is that he is excited to share his knowledge with others. He is commonly table side illustrating to guests how he makes the drinks and explaining all that is on the creative ingredients list. Step by step he makes the drink right at your table and then hands it off to you to enjoy.

When hosting a private event, it is highly recommended to inquire to have Michael present at your event. The short demonstration does not take the attention away from the meaning of the party, but further enhances the dining experience for your guests. It is truly a remarkable art form that is unique enough that many people have not seen such beverage artistry first hand.