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When your inspiration meets Kansas City’s best cake menu, delicious memories are made!

Did you know that historically the wedding cake is the gift given to wedding guests to express love and gratitude for their support?  Cardinal will work with you to make that gift perfect for the people who share your life’s celebrations ~ a gift that may be too pretty to eat, but too tempting not to!  Your Cardinal Cake will be as pleasing to your guests’ palates as it is to their eyes.  Your friends and family will remember your wedding cake, hospitality and generosity for years to come!

Wedding Advice from Mary:

Trust your creatives with your whole vision! It is perfectly acceptable to bring in a photo that exemplifies your dream cake but don’t hesitate to share the big picture with your designer. We live our lives immersed in learning new applications and techniques and we just might provide insight that exceeds your pre-consult expectations. Our creative hearts long for the meaning that lives between the details! Share the plans for your paper pieces, florals, heirlooms, lace patterns, or even architectural features with us. Share the quirky details of your love story or describe the emotions you want your guests to experience as they enter the room. A reputable professional will respect that the final design decisions are all yours, but you just might find yourself inspired in unexpected ways when you trust your creatives!

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