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This is a mantra that is firmly planted in the foundation of Travel Unrivaled. We venture in search of the ends of the Earth, we always have a suitcase half-packed, and our eyes are perpetually peeled for undiscovered destinations around the globe.  Because we believe a life coated with curiosity and painted with raw, adrenaline-pumping, soul-freeing experience is the true essence of existence.  To us, life is not measured by the breaths we take, but rather by the number of stamps in our passports, and stories we have to tell of adventures gone by.  Anything less than living life to the fullest and traveling the farthest, seems to be a waste of the wonders we’ve been given in this world.

Fortunately, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”  So, in a way, we’ve gone into business as “Wealth Advisors” if you will.  We live for and love to connect people with experiences that will ultimately enrich their lives, and expand their minds.

Whether you dream of sailing across the Mediterranean, zip-lining through the Amazon Rainforest, upscale camping in the wilderness of Kenya, or sunbathing off the Amalfi Coast, we pride ourselves in turning your hopes into plans!!


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Born and raised in the Midwest, he was a small-town boy with worldly aspirations and an itch to scour the globe. Fed up with running an insurance business, he decided to take the concept of customization and apply it to his passion instead. And Travel Unrivaled was born. Fast forward a few years, and Robert was ready to scale his operation to reach more of the masses much quicker. But it’s a vast world and he knew he couldn’t do it alone. So he brought one of his colleagues, Christie Nordmeyer, on board to partner with him, and the dynamic travel duo took hold.