By: Mary Rodiguez, Owner, Diamond Girls Bartending

The date has been set, the venue chosen, the dress purchased, the cake selected, but oh wait – what about the bar?  It is a common mistake to place bar service on the back burner. However, the bar is a regular hit with guests and hiring a professional bar service can insure that your reception will be all that guests are talking about for years.

Ways to create a unique bar selection for your wedding:

Match Your Theme

When considering which style of bar service is best suited for you, first make note of your wedding theme. If you are having a casual, country wedding, perhaps a bar with a gingham tablecloth, mason jars and chalkboard menus would be best suited. Don’t forget to customize the cocktails as well–serve spiked lemonade as a signature drink. Casual-atmosphere weddings commonly skip the full bar and opt for beer and wine and a signature cocktail.If your wedding tastes lean towards a formal atmosphere, then opt for crystal glassware. Serve champagne toasts and make sure your bar reflects a formal theme with linen tablecloths, crystal tip jars and crystal decanters. In a formal atmosphere, it is recommended to offer a full formal bar offering all premium alcohols.

Seasonal ConsiderationEmbrace the season in which your wedding is taking place. For spring and summer weddings, consider a light and fruity alcohol punch as a signature cocktail. Blueberry-infused lemonade mixed with vodka or strawberry daiquiris are a few seasonal hits. For fall, fancy your guests with a mulled cider mixed with bourbon.If you are leaning towards a winter reception, look for cocktails that match a winter theme, such as cranberry cocktails or eggnog punch.


There is a drink of every color! Many couples opt for signature cocktails that match the colors of their wedding. A good bartending service is very adept at using food coloring to change the colors of cocktails.  Bring color swatches to your pre-wedding meetings so the bartenders can experiment with food coloring and make it a perfect match.


Some couples opt for a destination wedding and have a reception once they return home.  In that case, the bar is the best way to showcase your travels. If you got married in Jamaica, you might serve rum punch and Red Stripe beer.  For a Mexican destination wedding, why not serve all Mexican import beers and instead of the traditional champagne toast – tequila shot toast!