On the morning of every wedding, you will find the ladies gathered together and thrilled to soon be glammed up for the day’s festivities. Each woman will find herself transformed from a morning mess to dressed to impress. And there is no better way to do that than to be outfitted with a mimosa in hand and your darling friends close by. It would be the perfect start to any day, but a wedding day in particular.  

The objective of this time together is relaxation. The bride is amongst her friends getting ready for the biggest day in her life, and a photographer is a close snap away to capture the moment. Therefore, it should not be left for each girl to show up in her nighties, which sometimes resembles a horribly matched high school volleyball t-shirt with men’s boxer shorts. There is no shame in looking cute while becoming cute.At first, matching robes were all the craze, with each ladies monogrammed letters on the front.  While better than the dress-your-self method, these quickly lost the popular vote to vibrant kimonos. Found in every color imaginable, these flower-adorned beauties have been the hottest look in pampering photos over the last year. And while the pattern is still a hot commodity, the style of the robe has created some undesirable difficulties. 

You see, while the morning begins picture perfect in the robes, brides, and bridesmaids alike found that they weren’t all that practical. From bending over to get items out of a bag to leaning over the cabinet to obtain perfect mascara application, the robe would leave the bottom of the girls, well, a bit breezy. And possibly a bit indecent. 

And now that designers have caught wind of the impractically of wedding day robes, they have evolved their creations to the most adorable (and practical) alternative- a romper!