The purpose of a head table is to create a focal point at the reception at which you would be the main attraction. For hundreds of years, newlyweds have been adorning head tables with lavish decor, the finest food, and the company of their family and friends. Determining the look and design on your head table is important as you lay out the floorplan of your reception. Don’t feel pressured to adhere to the traditional head table, think outside the box and design a table that fits your style and relationship.


seats the bride and groom in the middle with the bridesmaids seated to the side of the bride and the groomsmen seated to the side of the groom.


seats the bride and groom in the middle next to each other, facing all of their guests in the room. Bridal party and dates are seated around the table (can be seated like above or alternated as shown).


seats only the bride and groom; wedding party sits amongst other guests.

Sweetheart + Bridal Party

seats the bride and groom in the middle with the bridal party at round tables flanking each side of the sweetheart table. Bonus: provides extra room for the dates of the bridal party to sit with them.

Sweetheart + Traditional

seats the bride and groom in the middle at a sweetheart table with the bridal party at diagional tables on each side.

Questions to Consider

How many people are in your wedding party?

How much space do you have in the venue?

How many wedding party members have a date not seated at the head table?

How many tables can your venue provide you?

How many linens and decorations will be needed?