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EA Bride is not your mediocre media partner.

We’re getting back to the basics of what advertising is really all about, which is helping your business grow and prosper. With vivid colors, pages chalk-full of content, and packed into a stand-out size, there are a myriad of reasons to advertise in EA Bride Magazine and on So, when allocating your advertising budget, consider these reasons why EA might be the best fit for your focus.

  1. We promote you: We’re not satisfied with letting your ad get lost in the pages. In fact, we go out of our way to make sure your name pops throughout the magazine and online, to ensure reader retention.
  2. We’re selective: In an effort to make sure you stand out, we want only the most reputable vendors and just a few of them. We’ve limited each category so it doesn’t get overwhelming to the reader, and so couples know they can count on anyone that’s included.
  3. We’re Content Heavy: We’re determined to keep generating classic articles that can be passed from one bride to the next, whether it be in print or online. We are on a mission to never have more ads than content in our pages.
  4. We’re Creating Community: With an interactive website, we’re bringing in a way for brides and businesses to connect, even between issues of the magazine. Blogs, profiles, and much more all come together to create something great.

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