Wed KC is much more than a blog,
it’s a real source of inspiration and style for millions of couples.

Wed KC was born in 2010 to create a revolution in an antiquated market. Less than impressed with what we found in terms of wedding resources, we decided there had to be a better way. Hence, we cultivated an exemplary team, and together, have set out to educate and inspire brides all across Kansas City!

The Mission

The mission behind EA Bride Magazine is to revolutionize the way that weddings work, and create a win-win situation for everyone involved. We do that by kicking up the amount of content between covers, so readers have the information they need to make their big day as beautiful as can be. We have hand selected some of the best professionals in the industry so couples can find the most reputable people they can count on. Ultimately, we seek to build mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we work with. In doing so, we feel we can truly serve a select few as opposed to barley serving the masses.

At EA Bride, we showcase the couples of Kansas City, and feature their stories and pictures. We’re the leader of local flavor, and the pulse of innovation in the wedding industry. And we’re interactive, so don’t be afraid to join the cause. We encourage you to speak your mind, get involved, and help us turn something great into something even greater.

Through the Years

The Team

Britney Jones (Editor-in-Chief)

Britney is at the helm of EA Bride. A Jane of All Trades, she is the team organizer, website guru, and graphic designer. She coats the pages with life and vibrancy and lives for the “oohs & ahhs” of those soaking up our website or flipping through the book.

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