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Address: 813 SE 12th Street, Oak Grove, MO 65075



Twisted Sisters provides an array of floral designs and styles. If you are more earthy and love a more natural and authentic approach we can do that. Do you want a more rustic design? They are definitely your gals. How about wanting a shabby or bohemian vibe to your wedding? Yep, they can do that too!

Check out some of their work and reach out directly to schedule a consultation.




In Bubbles of Love

In bubbles of love. Well, it may sound a little cheesy and like a rom-com, but we sure did have some fun bringing to life our iridescent dreams at this wedding shoot. And we are so thankful for the vendors that helped us bring it to life! Every

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Other Events You Won’t Forget: Engagement Party

QUICK BITES, SPECIALTY DRINKS AND AN ACTIVITY Plan that wedding, but don’t forget the other events you won’t forget: engagement party! The engagement party is the official kick-off of your wedding journey. And whether you rent a gathering space or host the event in a backyard, there are only

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Serene Elegance at longview mansion

Serene Elegance at Longview Mansion

Some photo shoots feature bold colors, other unique altars or disco balls… but with this one we went for one goal: timeless. Between the venue, colors, tables cape and everything you will see that its design will stand the test of time and will forever be serene elegance

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