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My greatest desire is to create connection with people, and being a part of your wedding day allows me to do just that. You’ll probably see me out on the dance floor with your wedding party & count me in when it comes to having a good time! My editing style stays true to life & real authentic moments are captured right along with classic portraiture.

It’s more than a pretty picture. I believe my responsibility goes far beyond the pretty picture. You’re asking me to photograph once-in-a-lifetime moments, & I take that to heart. I’ll tell your story.

Choosing a photographer is no small decision. Once you’ve walked that aisle as newlyweds, the dancing is over, and the guests have gone, your wedding day becomes a memory. I am there to capture and preserve what otherwise can’t be experienced again. I want to do this in a timeless and authentic way that represents you as a couple.

I want to serve you on your wedding day. On the day of, I’ll basically be part of the wedding party. My couples say I work quickly and efficiently, so I guess growing up in a big family means I’ve learned to go with the flow!  

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    I'm a people person, night owl & extrovert by nature! I'm often the initiator in group settings & there's not a great idea I won't take and make something of. I've gone on crazy adventures from living in Uganda to exploring abandoned houses in the countryside. My heart's in my work and my work is in my heart. I'm from a Kansas farming family with a pile of kids & we say that entrepreneurship runs in our blood. I believe that family & community are two of the most important gifts that God has given us.