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kansas city wedding barn

Kansas City’s Wedding Barns

in Local Insights

Being in the middle of the map, KC is no stranger to barns being a popular venue for weddings. From modern to rustic, large to small, air conditioned to, well, not… there is a wide variety of styles and amenities that can be found when searching for the best barn in…

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love will find a way

Love Will Find A Way

in Barn, Casual, Real Weddings

No matter the circumstances, love will find a way. Knowing you may not have much time left is often a motivator to finally start living the life you’d always dreamed of. And that was the way it was for Colleen Fairchild. Ever since their days as high school sweethearts, Colleen…

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Aztec Love at Berry Acres

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Step into a world of untamed beauty and Aztec Love at Berry Acres, where nature’s vibrant hues and the spirit of love converge to create an unforgettable wedding experience. The air is filled with the sweet scent of blossoms as guests are greeted by a lively array of flowers, their…

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