Your new life together means not only the union of two households, but also the merger of two financial portfolios. Maybe you’ve already lived together and shared expenses, but perhaps you haven’t considered that now you’re also tied together legally. Hopefully you agree on major money matters, but it is inevitable that you’ll have disagreements. Getting your marriage and your finances off on the right foot will help prevent trouble later. Here are 20 Money Matters to Discuss to help get you started.

1. Do you think joint or separate checking accounts are appropriate?

2. What lessons did you learn from your mom and dad on spending money?

3. What lessons did you learn from your mom and dad saving money?

4. Will you be a dual income family, or will one person stay home with children?

5. Do you think paying the bills should be done separately or together?

6. Do you consider yourself a saver or spender?

7. Do you work from a budget now?

8. Are you aggressive or conservative in your investing?

9. What are your income goals?

10. Do you feel you should enter into a prenuptial agreement?

11. Have you ever lost a large amount of money in investments?

12. Do you want to rent or own your home?

13. What mistakes have you made with money?

14. What is the most expensive item you have ever purchased?

15. What stresses you when it comes to money?

16. Did your parents ever talk about money?

17. Do you track your savings and spending?

18. Do you utilize an employer retirement plan?

19. How important it is to you to plan for retirement?

20. Do you give to charitable organizations?


Written by: Rachel Adams of Harrison Capital Management

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