2022 Top Wedding Trends

Kansas City weddings are known for elegance, charm and charisma, but every new year introduces a slew of new wedding trends. 2022 Top Wedding Trends have begun to take shape, and it’s clear engaged couples in “Crown Town” are expressing their interests and personalities in fresh, stunning elements. 

2022 Top Wedding Trends in Kansas City

Boho Weddings

Boho style is proving to be a prominent feature amid the 2022 top wedding trends in Kansas City. Kansas City boho brides are choosing gowns that evoke a vintage visual over modern wedding gown styles. Pampas grass, white and neutral balloons, and minimal style floral arrangements with plenty of greenery are also featured in this trend.

Erika Turner (Love and Co Events) shares, “I’m seeing a lot of boho weddings… gowns with lace and floral lace. Decor options include pampas grass, balloons and we will never get rid of our wooden arches with florals. Couples are very much into country, rustic, lace and barns. I think each vendor would say we see something for trends based on our services but as a planner, I see a lot. I think we tend to be a bit more conservative in our weddings than the east or west coast, so our trends tend to be a little behind – 1 or 2 years. As a planner, I constantly see boho, pampas grass, light and airy (themes), but also cupcakes, DIY couples, and trendy barns.”

Black and White

Many couples are choosing simple, elegant black and white as the theme for their wedding. Black and white weddings tend to be more formal, with groom and groomsmen in tuxedos and bridesmaids in more formal dresses instead of the less formal dresses typically seen in boho weddings. 

There’s perhaps no more classic wedding trend than black and white, and according to Brandie Wertz (West Rose Photo & Film), in Kansas City, classic is trending. She commented that popular current trends include “…classic black and white, simple gowns and satin bridesmaids dresses, white florals and greenery…more of a minimal style.” She also shared that bridal pearls are increasingly popular.


2022 top wedding trends in Kansas City cover a wide range of styles this year within the floral category, with a heavy emphasis on greenery, white  or monochromatic tones, and the return of some saturated jewel tones. Large, full floral arches made with greenery and white or mostly monochromatic floral arrangements are increasingly popular (Thank you, Brittany and Patrick!) 

Wooden arches or wooden geometric shaped backdrops draped with simple, breathtaking floral displays continue to present stunning frames for Kansas City wedding couples as they exchange vows.

According to Kansas City resin artist Charlie Vasquez (Epoxy Resin Dreams), resin wedding bouquet preservations have become an extremely popular way to preserve wedding bouquets and other floral arrangements in 2022.

Bride and Groom Style

Soft and natural makeup is the leading choice for the 2022 top wedding trends in Kansas City. Henna Pearl (Henna Pearl Makeup) noted that she is seeing satin or gloss neutral lips and natural, fluffy eyebrows are in, and carved eyebrows are out, with many brides choosing not to wax or pluck their faces and leaving their eyebrows natural. She shares, “More neutral lip with a shine is trending. Also the wing is back – it’s been gone for at least two years! But it’s a different shape that everyone wants. Thinner, but longer and angled up. Brides are done with black liner or smoked out brown.” 

Frances Rodrigues (Frances Rodrigues Hair & Makeup Artist LLC) agreed, and shared that brides are frequently opting for a free-spirited vibe, choosing loose hairstyles with hair half up and half down, or “boho buns,” and soft, natural makeup.

For more formal weddings, simple, elegant gowns with clean lines and cutouts are leading the way, while boho brides are opting for flowing gowns with floral lace or lace details. Long trains and veils are also increasingly popular, with an emphasis on classic wedding beauty. Kansas City grooms are frequently opting for tailored gray, neutral or blue suits in varying shades, as opposed to a more traditional tuxedo, unless the wedding theme is black and white.  

Reception Dining

Charzelle David (Forks N Chill) shares that charcuterie centerpieces and grazing spreads are becoming increasingly popular, with couples opting for simple, beautiful and delicious fare during cocktail hours.  “Mexican street taco bars have been a hit and a big trend,” commented Daniella Rodriguez (Rivals BBQ.) Food trucks have also been increasingly popular for wedding reception meals, providing a unique variety and “flavor” to traditional wedding reception catering. 

Wedding Reception Activities

Kansas City wedding receptions in 2022 have evolved to mirror the personality of each couple and elevate the experience of their guests.

High end balloons and balloon decor, cupcakes and custom LED lights have all been fun popular additions to wedding reception activities. When asked for a quick list of 2022 top wedding trends, wedding planner Taylor Paige (The Perfect Touch KC) commented, “…no garter or bouquet tosses, private last dances, After the Tone Guest Book, no favors, mixed gender (wedding) parties.” Emily Quezada (The Party Trend) also noted an increasing trend of white bounce houses at wedding receptions. 

From planning to execution, the 2022 top wedding trends are moving away from “cookie-cutter” themes and styles and leaning into custom, tailored options for each individual couple and their guests. Enjoy the emerging trends this year, and be sure to watch for these trends as we transition into Kansas City wedding season! 



COMPANY: Merry Ohler Photography

Merry Ohler Photography is a Kansas City wedding photographer for madly-in-love “present over perfect” couples in the midwest.

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