For most couples, there is only one fleeting moment that they get to admire their wedding cake, and that is right before they take a knife to it for the ceremonial cake cutting. All the while, the caterer is close by so they can immediately slide in to begin dismantling the masterpiece to appease the salivating guests that are expecting their own scrumptious slice, while you quickly only get a piece of cake. And just like that, the four-tiered buttercream beauty is gone. 

After all the time that was spent contemplating the design, flavor choices and the crucial placement of flowers, you deserve to enjoy it for more than those few minutes on your wedding day. And Aberrant Ornaments is offering you the opportunity to do just that. They bring your cake to life in the way that it was originally brought to life at your wedding, except this time as an ornament you can place by your wedding photo or hang on your tree every year. 

It’s not only a replica of your exact cake but a memento connected to the memories you share from the most important day in your life. This delightful keepsake allows you to savor the essence of your wedding cake each holiday season, taking you back to that magical day when you said, “I do.” With Aberrant Ornaments, your wedding cake becomes a timeless piece of art, preserving the joy and love you experienced on your special day, and letting you relive those cherished moments whenever you glance at your beautifully crafted ornament.

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