a venue coordinator's job description
It’s a good idea to know what to expect (and what not to expect) from a venue coordinator before you you’re looking at them on your wedding thinking they owe you something that they never said they provided. Let’s take a look at what typically makes up a venue coordinator’s job description. “Thank goodness my venue already has a coordinator!” What a big sigh of relief, right! You hear the venue referencing their ‘venue coordinator’ and it sounds like you’ve got yourself a venue and a wedding coordinator all in one! What a score! Despite the similarity in terms, your venue coordinator and wedding coordinator are actually two very different vendor roles. Both are similar in that your venue coordinator and your wedding coordinator are there to best assist and support you on such an important day — we’re all there making sure you leave completely and blissfully happy at the end of the night! But there are several key differences between these two vendor categories that couples often overlook or confuse. For example, who is responsible for setting up tables and chairs? Who creates the wedding day timeline and notifies each vendor? Who is invited to vendor meetings? These aren’t questions you should be adding to your list of wedding woes, so today we’re here to get you a behind the scenes look on the differences between a venue coordinator and wedding coordinator!

A Venue Coordinator’s Job Description Misconception #1: The Venue Coordinator is Responsible for All Things “Your Wedding”

Wait, that’s not right! The venue coordinator is responsible for all things the venue. In short, the venue coordinator is available and responsible to manage anything that directly ties back to the venue. This typically includes setting up ceremony chairs and reception tables, managing a room flip, assisting with floor plan creation, handling any of the amenities the venue offers, and managing the bar service included in your rental. They’ll ensure the entire venue space stays top-notch for your wedding day! a venue coordinator's job description They’ll keep the venue spotless and ready to shine for your day — washing windows, sweeping sidewalks, cleaning trash from out front, unclogging toilets, cleaning broken glass…they do all the dirty work so you don’t have to! Your venue coordinator is a vital part of your wedding day. While the venue coordinator has got you covered when it comes to the upkeep of their space, your wedding coordinator is the one responsible for all things specific to your wedding.

Misconception #2: “Yeah, but they’ll communicate with all my vendors, right?”

It’s actually the wedding coordinator’s job to manage all vendor correspondence. They’ll assist in scheduling and attending final meetings and are the main point of contact for your vendor team on wedding day. Your wedding coordinator will stay in contact with everyone to ensure arrival and set-up is rolling smoothly, problem solving in the moment, and will stay solely focused on protecting your wedding day experience. The venue coordinator may provide a preferred vendor list and schedule site visits for vendors as requested, but they are not responsible for communication between you and your vendors, checking in, or supervising their arrival, set up, and tear down.

A Venue Coordinator’s Job Description Misconception #3: But the Day-Of Timeline…?

Wedding Coordinator again! Your wedding coordinator will assist in creating a timeline that details all aspects and logistics for your wedding day. This goes above and beyond scheduling arrival times for vendors. It also includes how the major touchpoints of your day will transition and flow together and highlights the details that make this wedding your own. Your venue coordinator is a must-have piece of that timeline! Even though they’re not creating and executing the timeline, they’re responsible for opening the venue for vendor setup and making sure all of the guest, vendor, and personal items are removed at the end of the evening. The final venue meeting outlines all of the details so you can really see the vision for your wedding coming together. I recommend including both your venue coordinator and wedding coordinator at that final venue walkthrough. It’s so detail intensive that, if need be, the venue could be ready to host your wedding the next day!

Misconception #4: As Long as They Answer Immediately!

a venue coordinator's job description A venue coordinator is generally available during regular business hours, with possible delayed responses due to the number of inquiries and other clients they communicate with on a daily basis. They are available for any questions directly related to the venue and its services, but generally your communication with the venue pauses from booking until it’s time to schedule the final walkthrough. A wedding coordinator often has a wider range of operating hours (feels almost 24/7 sometimes!) and is a great resource for any and all questions related to wedding planning.

A Venue Coordinator’s Job Description Misconception #5: What About Wedding Design and Decor?

The venue will assist in creating your layout and ensure the tables and chairs are set to standard, along with dropping linens (if included). Ensuring the venue operates smoothly for your wedding day is no easy job! They will have a whole different set of responsibilities as they manage the upkeep of the space throughout the day. This includes tasks like taking out the bathroom trash, cleaning up spills as they happen, and restocking ice, garnishes, and glassware for the bar. Because of the labor and time intensive work involved, they generally aren’t available for any additional decor set-up. Your wedding team — wedding coordinator, florist, caterer — will traditionally assist with the design and execution of the ceremony and reception elements. This often includes folding napkins, placing centerpieces, lighting candles, and setting place settings, signage, table numbers, and place cards.

Misconception #6: No, They Won’t Send You Down the Aisle

While your venue coordinator will open and host the rehearsal, they are not able to coordinate and oversee the ceremony run-through. Venues are often booked Friday-Sunday for events, which requires all of their attention as they seamlessly turn over one rehearsal to the next. This attention to detail keeps the majority of their focus, and unfortunately doesn’t allow them to dedicate time to coordinating each and every rehearsal. Your wedding coordinator should have all the ceremony details and will be at the run-through to show the bridal party where and when to walk, fluff dresses, hold flowers, and expertly send your flower girl Little’s down the aisle.  They’ll work in collaboration with your officiant to make sure your ceremony run-through is seamless and ensure all your VIP’s feel secure and ready for wedding day! a venue coordinator's job description

A Venue Coordinator’s Job Description Misconception #7: So, They’ll Work Together On The Wedding Day to Make Sure Everything Is Amazing?

Exactly! Both your venue coordinator and wedding coordinator are just two pieces of the puzzle, working in collaboration to ensure you, your guests, and your vendor team have an unforgettable wedding day experience. Each event is unique and special to the venue coordinator; they know their couples and love to go above and beyond for them, calling family members by name, knowing your signature drink, and tagging you in social media photos so you can relive the day all over again the next day. The venue’s bar service team is fun, the best at what they do, and keep the line moving quickly to best protect your guests’ experience. Even though they aren’t responsible for the wedding day details, they stay well involved through the planning process to ensure they know how to best make your wedding day a success. Working hand in hand, your wedding coordinator is there throughout the entire day to assist with all aspects and details of your wedding. Lipstick check-ups, putting tissues in pockets, sewing tux buttons back on, sending everyone down the aisle, assisting with transition and flow, fixing a broken bustle, ensuring you stay well hydrated, and providing an above and beyond experience to your invited guests are just a few of the moving pieces your wedding coordinator will have eyes on. While there are always exceptions to this rule (there are a few Kansas City venues that truly are full service and offer wedding coordination as an add-on); more often than not, these are two separate vendor roles. I can guarantee, both your venue coordinator and wedding coordinator are excited to meet you and work together to bring your unforgettable and unique wedding day to life! Enjoy A Venue Coordinator’s Job Description? Ready to start finding vendors for your wedding? Check out our collection of Kansas City Wedding Vendors.