Have you always wanted to know when to use Airbrush vs. Traditional Foundation? Ashley Backs, the owner of Hello Lovely is here to help!

What is the big hype with airbrush foundation? 

Airbrush foundation can work magic on certain skin types. It creates a flawless finish with excellent coverage for redness, blemishes, and other imperfections that you might not want to be seen on the wedding day. It is important to know when to use airbrush vs. traditional foundation!

How is it different from traditional makeup?

The application is the biggest difference. Traditional makeup is applied with sponges, brushes, or hands and airbrush makeup is applied using a compressor with a gun. Since the foundation from the airbrush is combined with air, you get a weightless, barely there makeup feeling, while also having great coverage. One thing to beware of when thinking about airbrush is that it can make some people feel “flat”. It covers so well that you lose some of the dimension in your features if you’re not careful. The best way to add dimension back in is with blush on the apples of your cheeks, a little bronzer, plus a natural contour and glow. 

Which application is best for me on the wedding day?

Choosing the right application depends much more on your skin type and texture than what is popular. Most airbrush foundations create a very matte finish which is helpful if you have oily skin. Traditional foundations have different bases (water or silicone) and work better for people with dry or mature skin. The best way to know for sure is to have a trial with the artist you want to use for the wedding day. 

Will weather affect how it looks?

The weather will change your skin. In the summer you sweat and get oily, during the winter skin is more dry. On the wedding daythe best way to ensure that your makeup will look great all day long is to invest in the right products or a professional artist. With the right products and professional application, even if you sweat on the hottest day, your makeup will stay in place for 12-18hrs! 

How do I know if the stylist I choose is using the right products for my skin?

Do your research and ask lots of questions! You will be able to tell the difference between someone who buys their foundations at a department store and a credible artist soon after speaking with them. Make sure that whoever you choose has lots of reviews and will provide you a trial before the wedding day. Some of the good products to listen for are M.A.C. Smashbox and MakeupForever. 

Will my makeup last through photos, dinner, dancing, and kissing? 

Yes! When you hire a professional you are making an investment in how you will look for the entire day. Getting your makeup done at 6:00 am is no problem! It is like getting a great manicure at the salon versus doing it at home. Your salon manicure will last! While the one you do at your kitchen table chips within a few hours. Great makeup has the same effect. It has a lot to do with the products and even more to do with the process. Applying the foundation in thin multiple layers, using primers, color correcting, and finishing with a spray or powder are all steps in the process that keep your makeup looking fabulous for the long haul! 

I have skin allergies and sensitive to makeup. What should I do?

There are a few options for you if you are allergic or sensitive to most cosmetics. You can see a dermatologist to get a prescription foundation that will prevent a reaction. If you are sensitive and don’t necessarily break out in hives when you wear makeup, then there are a few more options. Clinique has a very good reputation for being easy on tender skin. I have had some clients bring their foundations with them for me to apply. This will still let you be pampered but give you peace of mind knowing that your skin will be okay throughout the day. All this being said, I have never had any of my brides, mothers, bridesmaids or other clients come to me afterward and say that they had a reaction or any adverse effects from the makeup I use. 

Now I know the difference and what to look for. As the pro, which would you choose if you were getting married? 

Personally, I would choose traditional makeup. The staying power is incredible when applied correctly. It moves with your skin and helps you look like the most beautiful version of yourself. Mostly though, it is the experience. When you choose traditional makeup there is a more pampering that goes with it! It’s almost like a mini facial when done right! 

About the Author: 

Ashley Backs is the owner of Hello Lovely, an on location hair and makeup company with a team of over 13 artists. She is a Kansas City native and is a national award winning makeup artist with a knack for making people feel their most beautiful! Specializing in bridal, beauty, boudoir, private lessons and much more, Ashley is filled with passion for her craft and creating lasting relationships with every woman she serves.

Photo by Spencer Studios

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