An Exclusive Groom's Experience

Let’s face it – a lot of the special and unique wedding services are centered around the bride. And while a groom is essentially the other half of the union, or within a same-sex marriage, both grooms represent their own halves, there aren’t nearly enough special settings where that can be celebrated other than the bachelor party and wedding itself. We’re thankful that Todd’s Clothiers & Tailor Shop recognized this and created an exclusive groom’s experience to be celebrated (and made sure he could include the other men in his life in on it too). 


The hype around the bride finding her wedding gown has been replayed over and over again – the ahhs and oohs of the perfect fit and her envisioning the walk down the aisle in something so beautiful. It’s usually the first to-do on the list because it is just too exciting to pass up. Then the groom picks out his suit months later, in a quick and impersonal walk-in appointment, on a random Sunday afternoon, squeezed between other more-important plans. Well, that’s no fun. Who said the man of the day should be kept from an exclusive groom’s experience? What if a groom could be granted the same experience of finding his attire as a bride has always been given? 

At Todd’s Clothier’s Crossroads location in downtown, grooms and their groomsmen are allowed to literally shut down the store and have it to themselves as they try on and shop for menswear for the wedding. From solid to patterns, timeless to trendy, they have it all right there in-store to see. And the service is second to none, as knowledgeable staff assist the groom in choosing the best look and experienced tailors customize the chosen suit or tux to each man in the wedding.  

It’s an exclusive experience your man deserves. He will be excited to have hand-picked his attire, something that he is proud to wear on the wedding day. And above that, he will have a special memory with his closest guys that he can look back on.


As if an exclusive shopping experience isn’t enough, Todd’s takes it even further and provides a stocked bar cart for the gents to enjoy while trying on clothes. They can enjoy sipping a whiskey on the rocks or a chilled local beer while exploring the different menswear options. And when the time comes, the best man or father can lift a glass to provide a toast to the groom. There’s no other time during the wedding that the groom can be recognized on his own for being a good son, friend, or family member – the wedding toasts are about the two of you – so giving him this opportunity to be recognized for his own importance in other’s lives will mean so much to him. Now that’s an exclusive groom’s experience.


If you want to start earning early spousal brownie-points, encourage your groom to continue the fun with his mates after finding their wedding attire and make a night of it. Start with shopping and sipping at Todd’s and then move on to a second activity. You can make a reservation at a restaurant in nearby downtown at his favorite spot. Or keep the manly vibe going and go to a cigar lounge. Or if he is the gaming type, get him and the guys a reservation at a virtual reality experience at FlipSwitch.

Every groom deserves an exclusive groom’s experience. A groom deserves to be celebrated as much as the bride – and an experience at Todd’s Clothier can be his first moment to relish in the wedding process as he prepares to make that important walk down the aisle.

***Header Image – Chelsea Duff Photography***

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