This elegant shoot full of pearls and romance was an Oscar worthy affair. The sophisticated invitations and typewriter details transported guests to a bygone era of timeless charm. The bride, adorned in a gown that echoed the glamour of old Hollywood, moved with grace and poise, embodying the timeless elegance of the occasion. Her ensemble, embellished with pearls and delicate lace, was a nod to the sophistication of yesteryears, capturing the attention of all who beheld her.

Every aspect of the elegant shoot, from the lavish decor to the carefully chosen details, contributed to an affair that felt like a cinematic masterpiece. The pearls and romance intertwined seamlessly, creating a visual symphony that left an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness this Oscar-worthy celebration of love.

Photographer & Art Director: Jana Marie Photography   Gown & Menswear: Mia’s Bridal & Tailoring   Venue: The Midland Theater   Floral Design: Wild Hill Flowers   Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design   Rentals: Vintage Rentals KC   Hair & Makeup: Hello Lovely   Jewelry & Accessories: emmy-ray design studio   Drinks: Diamond Girls Bartenders   Invitations & Paper Pieces: YellowBrick Graphics   Model, groom: Tanner Chrisman, Manifest-Talent   Model, bride: Alexis Railsback, Voices&    Model, bridesmaid: Nina Monzon, Voices&   Model, groomsmen: DeAundre Kurney, Voices& 

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