While you have been dreaming about your wedding ring since you were a little girl (remember putting on those flashy plastic gemstones rings during dress up?) it’s reasonable to say that your fiancée hasn’t been doing the same. So, when it comes to banding your man, a great place to start is by becoming familiar with various types of metal that are available. Rose gold, black titanium, meteorite, and two-tone metals are four trendy selections commonly picked by couples. Read more on their characteristics, view an example from Shane Company, and then discuss which option is a perfect fit for your man.  

Black titanium has a distinctive and bold look for the modern groom. There are endless options when it comes to the design of the ring including shiny or matte black styles. This metal provides a dark contrast to the brightness of diamonds if you want some bling in the ring. Black titanium does not fade, is scratch resistant, and is nickel free. And for the groom that wants their ring to feel weightless, the lightweight characteristic of titanium is a perfect match. 


Rose gold is the perfect metal for a groom that wants a traditional look of a wedding ring with a modern hue. The romantic color has been given a masculine makeover through textured and hammered designs on the outside of the ring. While gold can be scratched, it is also relatively easy to get buffed out. If a bride’s engagement ring is rose gold, then finding a men’s band in the same color will make for a picture-perfect duo on the wedding day.


A meteorite band is truly a one-of-a-kind option. Cut from a real meteorite, each ring has a different pattern, so you can choose between a dynamic or muted look. The meteorite is commonly paired with black zirconium to accent the light and dark elements within the design of the meteorite. Who else can say that a piece of their ring was made eons ago in outer space? 


Can’t make up your mind on your favorite metal? Don’t worry, two-tone rings are very popular and there are many designs available so that you can choose what fits your personality best. Having a two-tone ring allows you to pick out your favorite metal and then have it accented by your second choice. This also provides flexibility in matching the bride’s ring. Some popular combinations include white and rose gold, white and yellow gold, and black zirconium and gold. 

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