career-minded matrimony

Have you ever noticed that when brides-to-be are portrayed on television, they magically morph into an event guru overnight? Or they have a trust fund that affords a wedding planner nothing short of a modern-day Fairy Godmother, complete with the pumpkin carriage to carry them away at the end of a flawlessly executed day? We’ve all been there, seen that Hallmark movie. But this is 2021. And the reality is, that more brides than ever are career-driven. In an effort to plan the most important day of your life while continuing to climb the career ladder, you’re forced to mentally rearrange everything you have piled on your plate. Which can leave you with a pint of sugar-free ice cream and a how-do-I-possibly-juggle-it-all conundrum. Fortunately, we feel your pain, and have just the thing(s) to ease your life-in-overdrive soul. Trust us, you CAN have your career, and eat your cake too! Here are our career-minded matrimony tips for you to consider:

1. Hire a Planner in the Way it Suits You

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all wedding planning, and local planners have adapted their services to better reflect your specific needs. Let’s face it, between board meetings and an endless inbox of emails, you may need to hire a full-time planner to help you throughout the vendor booking process, to keep a budget on track, and to help create a flawless plan for the wedding day. If your work comes in ebbs and flows, like an accountant, you may only need assistance during a busy work season. So, during the time when work is overcoming everything, you can hire a planner for one of their a la carte services, such as a venue search, invitation and RSVP handling, and day-of coordination. And if you just need help, advice, or direction, you can hire them at hourly rates. Its really pretty simple, planners help save your sanity. Check out our list of Kansas City area wedding planners.

2. Create Time Blocks for Planning

Trying to insert bits and pieces of planning into your regular work-life is like a waitress taking your order the same time they’re taking on a phone call. Sure, it might get done, but it won’t be nearly as efficient. So, each week block off specific time in your calendar to deep dive into planning (hopefully with your significant other) so that you can hone in your focus and make some serious headway. In fact, to prevent overwhelm, go so far as to schedule all your milestones up to the big day, so that you can go into each week knowing everything will be covered in due time. Not to mention, it gives you that extra bit of permission to enjoy the entire process minus the panic. 

3. Weekly Check-Ins

If you’re prone to setting out your clothes, meal prepping, and creating to-do lists on Sunday night, you recognize how smoothly your Monday morning starts. You know what lies ahead, and you’re prepared for it. Consider your planning checklist in the same light. On Sunday, prioritize what needs to be accomplished in the week ahead. Doing this regularly each week will keep you moving forward in planning while not having to deviate much focus from work throughout the week.

4. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

We’re in a day and age where people pride themselves on handling their business and not relying on anyone else. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s OKAY to ask for help, and that you should. And believe it or not, those closest to you feel more invested in your big day when you invite them to participate. (Just ask nicely, of course!) Is your bestie OCD organized?  Maybe she can handle the RSVP’s.  Or you could put your networking-savvy Aunt Nancy in charge of the greetings and guestbook. And your cousin, the one who’s always had an eye for design; sounds like a great fit for the reception setup. Simply put, they feel more useful, and you get the help you need. That’s clearly a win-win for everyone. 

5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When time is limited, and you have a million decisions to make, don’t waste precious time on the stuff that won’t matter 5 years from now. Ask most married people today, and they won’t remember what time their ceremony started, what the cake flavors were, or if all of their bridesmaids suffered in matching stilettos. What’s important is how you feel when you first set eyes on your beloved. The way the flower girl ran full-bolt down the aisle. The moment you danced with your dad, or the laughs shared with your girlfriends. So, whatever you do, don’t allow the details to make you lose sight of the big picture and ultimately, the big moments you will remember. 

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