Classic & Romantic Wedding at 8th & Main

James and Sara’s wedding day may look understated at first glance, but as you look more closely you start to appreciate the simple and timeless look. Their classic and romantic wedding at 8th & Main featured wooden decor elements, flowers in shades of white and soft purple, and their outdoor ceremony had the perfect balance to tie it all together. 


PHOTOGRAPHER: Kat Wooten Studios

VENUE: 8th & Main Event Space


HAIR: Ansley O’Brien

MAKEUP: Hillary Rehms


CATERING: Dutzel’s Catering


GOWN: Ivory & Lace Bridal


FLOWERS: Couture Wedding Flowers Kansas City


CAKE: Hy-Vee

DJ: Platinum KC


WEDDING DATE: September 8, 2018

HOW THEY MET: James and I met through his sister (who was, and currently still is, my best friend) when we were 17. It was James’ ability to make me laugh that really seemed to seal the deal! What surprised me about the love between us, was how effortless it was to be ourselves around each other, even at such a young age.

THE PROPOSAL: A few months after we graduated, we discovered that we were expecting our first child. This brought us even closer. We were young, but prepared to be the best parents we could be. I was about 4 weeks along in my pregnancy when James came home with a bag of Sonic and my favorite fountain drink. He walked through the door of our tiny one-bedroom apartment, got down on one knee and proposed! I was shocked and completely didn’t expect it with us only being 18. Of course, it was a good shock, and I said yes! We had been dating just a little over a year, and while we were still very young, we were very much in love.

WAITING: We decided to take longer than most couples do to get married. We both agreed not to rush anything given our age and the length of our relationship. We didn’t want to feel pressured into hurrying before our son was born just to appease the societal pressure of “marriage before baby”. Fast forward eight years later, and we decided to finally tie the knot.

PLANNING: At first, my mom and I started planning the wedding by ourselves, but decided to hire a day-of coordinator so that neither one of us was under any stress on the big day! I found 8th & Main and immediately fell in love with its beautiful courtyard with strung lights and indoor industrial space. I wanted our wedding to be industrial chic and classy, and the space fit the ticket perfectly.

THE EVENT: The flow of events the day-of were so smooth. The hours leading up to the ceremony flew by while we were getting our hair and makeup done. After the pre-ceremony pictures concluded, people started to arrive, and I began to get antsy. Once the parents and bridal party were called upon to walk down the aisle, I was all by myself. I was so nervous and had uncontrollable butterflies. I will never forget preparing myself to walk down the aisle to my husband, it was such a cool feeling. Everything was so perfect. The day went by fast, but I remember so many special moments, and for that I am thankful.

SPECIAL PIECES: My mom came up with the idea to have fresh herbs in my bouquet. I loved the idea! The look and scent of the herbs paired perfectly with the other floral and greenery elements.

FAVORITE PART OF THE GROOM’S DAY: I’ll keep it short and simple – my favorite part of the day, without a doubt, was being able to marry Sara. That is the beginning and ending of it all.

FAVORITE PART OF THE BRIDE’S DAY: My favorite moment was walking down the aisle. With all of our loved ones in attendance and my handsome husband waiting at the end of the aisle, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. In that moment, it felt like we had made it; we had surpassed the statistics of being teen parents. We had spent the last eight years of our lives together and was finally making our union and family one. It was one of the best feelings in the world aside from the birth of our children.

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