When it comes time to plan your honeymoon, or even a destination wedding, we dare you to dream big, and consider Portugal.

Perhaps one of the world’s more underappreciated countries, this European state is pretty spectacular, if we say so ourselves. Pack the perfect picnic lunch and immerse yourself in the middle of Cao valley, where you can feast your eyes on rock drawings that date back 25,000 years. If you don’t fright with heights, then perhaps a jaw-dropping flight over the Douro Valley in a 3-seater Cessna plane is prime. Between cathedrals, castles, and 17th century architecture, there is no shortage of adventure awaiting you.

And when you just want to relax and recount the day’s events, we recommend the boutique ambiance of Casas do Coro in the Village of Marialva. Between breathtaking views, and stellar service, this is an oasis you’ll actually want to retreat to… time and time again. All we can say is, grab your passport, and go see Portugal!