Destination Wedding Dress Care

Is a sun-kissed beach, gorgeous national park, or other exotic destination in your wedding’s future? Have you thought about what you see yourself wearing as you walk down the aisle?! There are no official rules when it comes to choosing your dress and accessories for a destination wedding, and I have seen brides choose gowns ranging from simple to full-on ball gown with a cathedral length veil. Whatever your preference, consider these five tips when going through your dress shopping journey. 

1. Lighter Fabrics = Breezy Feelings

Remember that sun-kissed beach and 90-degree weather you’re heading to? Have a tendency to get hot very easily? Lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon and organza, help give you a little air and weigh less than silk, or polyester. Not only will they keep you cooler, but they will float beautifully on top of the sand, and give you a gorgeous, breezy look on the big day.

2. Travel Woes

Whether you fly, drive, or boat your way to your destination, your gown will have to be transported as well. The bigger the gown the more difficulty you may have not only during travel but once you arrive. Think about where the gown will be while you travel, and if the gown will need any steaming once you arrive. Doing your research, and having a clear plan of action will help alleviate any headaches along the way!

3. Protect Your Investment

Your wedding dress is a precious investment, and you want to make sure it is as protected as possible. Invest in a good quality garment bag that will not only keep your dress a secret from curious eyes but also safeguard it from accidents. Breathable linen garment bags are a much better alternative to a plastic bag which could easily tear during transport. Ask the bridal boutique you purchase your gown from what options are available.

4. Veils vs. Wind

Destinations which tend to have windier climates, such as beaches, or mountaintops, can be a veils worst enemy. Are you wanting to incorporate a veil into your wedding day look? Longer veils with something along the trim, such as lace or beading, to help weigh them down are less likely to get picked up by a gust of wind. The shorter the veil the harder to control.

5. High Heels Say What?!

Sand, rocks, and hills oh my! Walking down the aisle is already intimidating, but adding in some rough terrain and things could escalate quickly. Make sure you’re choosing shoes that are comfortable, and easy to walk in. High heels may not be the best option, so look at flats, or even a shoe with a small wedge heel. More stability means less of a chance for a trip down the aisle!

Written By: Sarah Bronson, owner of All My Heart Bridal, Kansas City’s bridal boutique with curves specifically servicing brides sizes 14+.