Determining Your Wedding Dress Tribe

Wedding dress shopping is an incredibly fun experience, but for some it can bring with it a lot of tension or stress when it comes to determining your dress tribe. Building a supportive squad to help you at your appointments is vital to having a positive experience. These guests will set the tone for the whole day, and it’s important to choose wisely. We all know the people we want at our appointments and the people we think need to be at our appointments, but that doesn’t mean they sometimes align. Here are our top four tips to keep in mind when selecting who should attend your appointments in person, and who you could potentially call once you’ve selected your dress!


Key decision makers include the people you absolutely need to have with you in order to say yes to your dress. This includes immediate family members, such as mom and sis, best friends, or other important people in your life. Key Decision Makers are also those who are financially helping with your gown and accessories purchase. Ideally, you want to surround yourself with those guests at your appointment first so if you fall in love you can say yes, and not have to worry about coming back!


This is an incredibly important attribute for any guest you bring with you. Supporters are the people in your life who will give you honest advice, but will ultimately support YOUR decisions, and encourage you to listen to YOUR voice, not theirs. People in your life who have difficulty sharing the spotlight or have non-constructive feedback are probably not the guests you want to bring. Instead, offer to video call those guests after you’ve found your dress so they can share in the joy, but avoid detracting from your moment.


These are guests who are okay with plans changing and are simply along for the ride no matter where it leads! They don’t encourage you to keep shopping after you’ve found your dream dress simply because they don’t want the experience to end. Go with the flow-ers are the ones who will celebrate with you and don’t want to see you emotionally exhaust yourself by over shopping.


A lot of voices mean a lot of different opinions, and sometimes your voice can get lost in the fray. Having a smaller, more intimate group at your appointment can help you critically think about what you love or don’t love and can help you positively work through dresses to select the one. With COVID regulations still in place, it is sometimes store policy to have a limited number of guests as well.  

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