Menu cards have been the main way that couples have communicated their chosen reception meal with their guests. At each place setting is a finely printed menu complete with all of the scrumptious foods that are to be served that evening. Each and every time, once the guest has reviewed this card, they throw it to the side and focus their attention elsewhere. The materials and cost that went into printing the menu card has been devoured in less than 10 seconds.

Save the environment the waste and yourself the time and money of printing menu cards and instead write the menu on a larger item that can be viewed by all guests. Try a vintage mirror that goes great as an accent piece at the front of the buffet line with the menu listed on it for everyone to read as they wait in line. Or chalkboard paint on an old door with the menu categories within each windowpane. Even easier, print the menu items on a piece of paper and place it in a nice frame. The options of how you display your chosen menu are nearly endless, just an ounce of creativity can save you from printing 250 menu cards that will find their way to the trash all too quickly.