Brice and Katie’s Dreamy Dirt Road Wedding was a magical celebration that blended the allure of rustic charm with the enchantment of a dreamy countryside setting.

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Photographer: Cassaw Images     Ceremony Venue: Private Residence     Reception Venue: The Back 40                                                                                   Officiant: Brian Daniel     Gown: Bridal Extraordiniare     Menswear: Leibowitz Tux     Hair: Par Exsalonce-Abby   Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid     Invitations: ModbyMel     Florist: Landers Flowers     Bar: Tim Dewey            DJ: Memory Maker Productions     Cake: Bev’s Cakes     Rentals: Celebration Party Rentals & Ultrapom Event Rentals     Videography: Captured by Crane

Brice & Katie’s Love Story 

Brice and I both grew up in the same small town in Northwest Missouri. He was a senior, the star football player, and the homecoming king candidate. I was the dorky freshman, who crushed on Brice from afar, always keeping my eye on him during our lunch hour. He, of course, had no idea I existed. And I had no confidence to go up and talk to him. Four years later, I move to Springfield, MO to attend my first year of college at MSU with my best friend from high school. I come back to my dorm one day after class, and my roommate is talking about how she ran into Brice at Taco Bell on campus. I remember being instantly embarrassed, totally forgetting about my crush until his name is brought up. The embarrassment instantly turned into jealously that I wasn’t with her, and missed my chance to see him. I spent the rest of the year knowing he was down there, and secretly hoping to run into him, with never having any luck. A year later, I transfered schools and moved back to KC. My same best friend began dating this older guy, who happened to be, unknown to me, Brice’s best friend. One night, after being ditched by my girlfriend for her new boy, I found myself at a house party with a couple of friends. I walked into the house, and who else is sitting in a recliner in the living room, but Brice, who had also been ditched by the pair. My face burning, I tried to play it cool. I nonchalantly sat on the floor, close to his chair, and texted my sisters, telling them they won’t believe who is at this party. After no luck at playing poker, pitch, or any other card game, I pathetically asked if someone would play “Go Fish” with me. Brice, speaking to me for the first time, offered to play. So the two of us sat alone, playing “Go Fish”, and eventually exchanged numbers. Our first date was two days later, and we never stopped seeing each other from that moment. It was always easy between Brice and I, and we instantly became each others best friend. We found out that we had been crossing paths our entire lives, he grew up next door to my Aunt and Uncle and was childhood friends with one of my childhood friends. It was crazy we had never talked to one another before that night, but we were definitely meant to meet when we did.

Special Pieces 

The necklace I wore on my wedding day was borrowed from my Grandmother. It was the exact necklace she had worn, and two generations before her, on their wedding day. It was the best good luck charm I could have. Brice and I wrote love letters to each other on the day of our wedding. We write letters to each other often, and debated writing our own vows for the ceremony. We ultimately decided that private letters to each other was more our style, and planned to read them alone before the ceremony. What we didn’t plan was that we both wrote our letters on the same stationary paper- the paper Brice used to write my proposal letter on.