Kasey & Max’s Eclectic Loose Park Wedding was a vibrant celebration that showcased their unique personalities and love for creativity and individuality.

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Photographer: Morgan Miller Photography   Ceremony Venue: Loose Park   Reception Venue: Uptown Theatre   Gown: Flora & Lane   Invitations: SugarBean   Hair & Makeup: MJ Myres   Florist: Anna Arnot   DJ: Dez Jones   Cake: Bloom Baking Co.   Officiant: Hollis Barry
Kasey & Max’s Love Story Kasey and I met when I was a barista inside of a mall in Denver. I made her coffee for a year and a half before the retail store she worked for moved her to a different location. Eventually, the new store manager offered me a position as her assistant manager (which was great because I could then have one job instead of two), which I accepted. Kasey and I reconnected while helping with other stores.  Kasey was working on opening a new location when I was directed to help. When I walked into the store I was initially given the task of sorting jewelry. She was the head honcho of the store that was opening and told me that instead of messing with the jewelry, I was to help her fold-down tables instead. A few weeks later, while I continued to help out the store for the opening, she asked me for my phone number.  As the next couple of weeks passed, I had made an impression. One night I started receiving random hairless dwarf cat picture messages on my phone. I had no idea who was sending them to me. I didn’t realize she was trying to get my attention, but it was a unique approach. After a few dates, we were head over heels. We dated for six months before she asked me to marry her. We had had a wild night at a friend’s birthday party which ended in a proposal from her. I told her that we had had too much to drink and if it were the first words out of her in the morning we would talk about it. Sure enough, the next morning she asked again. I talked to her parents about the engagement first and then planted a ring on the bathroom vanity. When we were initially engaged we lived in Denver but had decided that we would get married in Kansas City. The first thing that came to mind was the always-classic wedding at Loose Park. Four months later we booked Sunday, September 13th to be the big day. Instead of deciding on a specific theme or look, we decided our wedding would be a showing of our creative selves in our choices for ultimate design.  We stayed in separate places the night before the wedding. The morning of the wedding, I immediately went to Loose Park to help my friends set up and to greet the family. Meanwhile, Kasey was finalizing hair and make-up. She arrived at the aisle and got out of the car to make her way to our friends and family. After the ceremony, we left to meet our photographer. Somewhere between there and the reception we had brunch at West Side Local. We spent hours being photographed in various places around the city and finally made it to our reception in the evening. And on to the big party it was.   The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day My favorite part of the day was watching Kasey’s very, very long walk down the aisle towards me. It is a moment I will never forget. I also enjoyed all of the time we spent together being photographed. It was just the two of us and our photographer, which made it more of an intimate experience. The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day My favorite part of the day was driving off in a vintage Bentley. Our pictures in the car are some of my favorite.