Soon after a couple decides to spend their lives together, engaged & center stage, they embark on the journey from “Yes” to “I Do”. And amidst this journey, they find that they have a few candid opportunities for a lens to capture their lifestyle as a couple. Here is a look inside a real couple’s candid moment and a few tidbits that you can take away as you plan for your engagement shoot. 

Alex and Rachel allowed us to crash their engagement shoot with Spencer Studios. From this shoot, we learned that there are actually three objects in focus to the photographer: the boy, the girl, and the ring. And while all of these were in perfect focus, allow us to shine some light on what you can learn from their shoot to enhance yours. 

Looking at Locations: don’t get so caught up in the precise location you will be taking photos. When you are the focal point, backgrounds are commonly blurred out of focus. Place an emphasis on lighting instead. Choosing a location with natural light can make your images look more natural. 

Loosen Up: there will be certain moments where your photographer asks you to hold hands or kiss because they are envisioning a particular shot. But for the moments that you are not receiving instruction, shake off the awkwardness and just be yourselves. Some of the most genuine photos are captured when couples are relaxed and interacting normally. 

Offering Accents: instead of using the word “props” which are commonly used by actors in a play, let’s instead explore some accent pieces that can create an interactive experience. Alex and Rachel chose to incorporate champagne, crackers, apple cider and a blanket into their engagement shoot. Back at home they popped champagne and toasted to their engagement, all the while, the photographer is capturing the moment. When they ventured outside, they grabbed a blanket and a warm drink. Notice that all of these items created interaction and an experience for the couple. When you pick out accent pieces for your engagement shoot, what will you pack that will make the moment more memorable for the both of you?


Photography: Spencer Studios     Planning & Styling: Ribbon Events     Models: Rachel MacPhee & Alex Cooper     Cookies: Trader Joes     Location: Long Branch Christmas Tree Company