Step into a world of ethereal elegance at The Pavilion, where love and dreams intertwine to create a wedding that embodies grace, beauty, and enchantment. The focal point of this mystical celebration is a round arbor, adorned with an abundance of lush greenery and delicate blooms. This circular masterpiece symbolizes unity, eternity, and the cyclical nature of love—a fitting emblem for the promises exchanged on this day.

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Photography: Claire Ryser Photography     Design & Coordination: Julian Events     Venue: The Pavilion Event Space     Gown: Ivory & Lace Bridal Boutique     Floral: Beco Flowers     Graphic Design & Paper Goods: BP Creative Group     Menswear: Tip Top Tux     Hair, Makeup & Jewelry: Hello Lovely     Rentals: Ultrapom Event Rentals     Cake: Cardinal Cake Company     Model, Bride: Alexis Railsback, Voices&     Model, Groom: Zach Young, Voices&

The Ethereal Elegance wedding at The Pavilion with its round arbor and greenery stands as a testament to the eternal nature of love. Like the arbor, love is a circle—unbroken, unending, and imbued with the beauty of everlasting growth. This celebration, set within the gentle embrace of nature’s elegance, creates memories that will forever echo the love that blossomed within that sacred circle.

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