We reached out to Austin Morris, owner of Aventi Weddings, to see what expert wedding photography advice he could give us on common questions from engaged couples.

Q. What is the first step in figuring out what photographer is best for us?

A. The first, and most important step is finding the photography style that you resonate with over all the others (light and airy, bright and classic, dark and moody, desaturated, etc.). Once you have decided on a style you can begin researching photographers that have mastered that look. Don’t forget that you want your photos to be timeless in your own eyes, so if what is currently “trendy” doesn’t match your personal style, don’t feel pressured to go that route. 

Q. How hands-on is the photographer throughout the planning and scheduling of the day?

Expert Wedding Photography Advice – When you are creating the wedding day timeline, a professional photographer will likely want some say in how long they get for certain photo-specific moments throughout the day. Their experience as a wedding photographer will allow them to set realistic expectations for how long it will take to photograph each item – preventing you from running behind schedule. Each photographer, and their creative process is different, so feel free to ask about their processes while in the booking process. 

Helpful Tip: Pinterest is great, and recreating the occasional photo idea can be fun, but the more Pinterest ideas you bring to the table, the more you are limiting the creative professional you hired from being a creative professional.

Q. What can we do on our end to make sure that we get the best pictures on our wedding day?

A. There are two things you can do: First you hire a professional photographer that has a portfolio you trust. Meaning, you like the posing in their photos, the couples don’t look awkward, and the editing style is right for you. Try your best to trust the professional you hired; trust in the process and relax on your wedding day. If you took the time to look over their work, and connected well when you met them, then you should trust that they will take good care of you. (Your “photographer” relative, or parent’s friend, might not be the best fit for you, even if the pricing is unbeatable.) And lastly, don’t plan too much on your wedding day. If you’re packing your day with tons of activities, you’re going to put a lot of stress on yourself, which will trickle down to your photographer. Keep some free time on your timeline to allow for things to take longer than expected. You’ll be glad you did when you just need a few minutes to relax and enjoy your day. Your photographer will be grateful that they were able to breathe and think more clearly to get the best and most creative shots possible.

Q. My fiancé hates having their picture taken and I’m worried that our photos are going to look “stiff”. Do you have any suggestions?

Expert Wedding Photography Advice – Almost every couple that steps in front of my camera says, “We are the most awkward couple, so just be prepared.” But then by the end of the session they leave feeling comfortable and like the camera wasn’t even there. If your fiancé is a little stiff and nervous, I would recommend picking a photographer that helps with posing. Find one that encourages their couples to keep talking and looking at each other. The photos (and environment) are more casually candid, rather than formal and looking directly at the camera. And too, just relax and be yourselves. Even if you think you are awkward, you’ll be rockstars and your photos will turn out great!

Q. I’ve heard about the trending “portrait sessions” but don’t understand what makes these photos different and if we should be doing one.

A. Portrait sessions either happen before or after the wedding day (yes, on an entirely different day) and are a great way to get more elaborate portraits. They give you the opportunity to get super creative with your photos because you aren’t limited to your wedding venue or somewhere close by. You could use the opportunity to take a cool trip (mountains, beach, etc.) to get some truly unique photos, or find somewhere local you’d really love to be the backdrop. And in turn, on the wedding day you can spend more time celebrating with your friends and family instead of focusing on taking pictures.

Q. My family formals list is getting overloaded – where can I draw the line to shorten the amount of time they will take but still get the photos that I want?

Expert Wedding Photography Advice – A normal session of family formals shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. To help keep it short and sweet we encourage our couples to take a deep look at what groups they really need. Most of our couples keep their family formals list to include just their immediate family – meaning, parents, siblings, and grandparents. If they want to take photos with extended family, like cousins, aunts, or uncles, they will typically get those done really quick at the reception. Remember it’s your day, only get the photos you care to have.

Q. I found a photographer I like on social media, but I’m a little worried about hiring someone solely off their profile. How can I be sure they are legitimate?

A. Okay, so you find a photographer you like, you love the look they have going for them, their photos are edited just right, but you’re still not sure if they will be the best for you? My biggest advice for you is to ask to meet them in person (or a video chat will work). Meeting and talking with them one-on-one is essential. It allows you to see if your personalities mesh well and allows you to ask questions to determine if they have their business organized. If there are no red flags and they seem to have systems and processes in place that meet your needs, then chances are you will not run into the trauma of lost photos, no shows, or just inconsistencies in general.

A big thanks to Austin for sharing his expert wedding photography advice to benefit couples looking for photography for their weddings!



COMPANY: Aventi Weddings

Austin is the owner of Aventi Weddings, an award-winning company that specializes in full-service weddings. While photography and videography are at the forefront of Aventi, they also offer DJ and planning services so that their clients can communicate and trust their team to deliver the best wedding experience. To get in touch with Austin or get to know Aventi Weddings better, you can visit aventiweddings.com or email info@aventiweddings.com.

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