We are so thrilled to announce the EA Bride Fall/Winter 2019 Issue Now on Stands!

This issue was another labor of love by the EA Bride team all of the participating vendors and writers that fused their expertise together to deliver engaged couples worthy information of reading. There are two ways you can get your hands on the latest copy – 1, you can go to your local grocery store, Walmart or Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy OR 2, you can read the issue online. Either way, we hope you love some of the inspiration and informative articles that we’ve plugged into this issue¬†and are so thrilled to announce the EA Bride Fall/Winter 2019 Issue now on stands!

The magazine is not just a collection of pages; it’s a carefully curated treasure trove of inspiration, knowledge, and guidance, designed to assist couples in making informed decisions as they plan their special day. Every article, every image, and every detail has been meticulously chosen and presented with the utmost care to ensure that it resonates with couples embarking on this exciting journey.

Whether in print or digital form, we sincerely hope that every engaged couple finds within these pages a source of inspiration, a wellspring of ideas, and a guide that accompanies them on this beautiful adventure towards their happily ever after. Happy planning, and may your journey be as joyful as the love that brings you together!

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