Five Wedding Paper Trends

Your wedding paper reflects your style, your story, and your celebration. With so many ways to package and detail your wedding invitations, the personalization options are endless. We have gathered our favorite five wedding paper trends that can help you customize your wedding paper and signage to introduce the celebration that you are planning.


First up on our five wedding paper trends is vellum. Soft, sweet and translucent, vellum adds a special touch to any invitation suite. This paper looks like frosted glass, delicately hinting what cards lay inside. Vellum can be used by itself for a clean, classic look or it can be printed with a pattern or graphic detail for some extra flair. We love incorporating vellum invitation wraps for couples who are wanting minimal invitation pieces or are considering using online RSVP for their guests for a finished look.

Pro Tip: If you are wrapping the invitation with translucent vellum, consider complimenting the vellum with a thin ribbon or wax seal for a finished look!


Next up on our list of five wedding paper trends isn’t paper at all! It’s acrylic. Look for wedding inspiration on Pinterest and you will find acrylic pieces are having a major moment right now as a statement piece for couples. Looking for an invitation that will leave an impression? Acrylic is the perfect material. To keep your wedding look cohesive, consider incorporating acrylic details into your menus and day-of signage for a dramatic effect. 


Pro Tip: Acrylic shines best by highlighting the material behind it. Pair it with a bold, pattern envelope liner or unconventional plate design to enhance the “WOW” factor.


Considering a contemporary, minimal, or neutral wedding style? Contrast will be an important member of your wedding party. Our two favorite ways to add contrast to any wedding invitation design are color and font choice. Neutral papers with bold, black fonts create a dramatic look while embracing a minimalist attitude. If you are looking to incorporate more colors into your wedding palette, create contrast by using larger block fonts with only small touches of script.

Pro Tip: Have fun mixing font weights and sizes to add to the modern mood.


For a more stand-out point on the five wedding paper trends list, unique shapes. Break out of the box – literally! Adding unique shapes to your wedding paper and signage details adds a trendy touch. Whether you like the contemporary look of arches and half arches, or including regional inspirations for your destination wedding, these shapes add interest and intrigue about your special day. 

Pro Tip: Any shape that you choose for the wedding invitation suite should be included in your wedding day paper items and signage to add a branded experience to your wedding.


The best part of any wedding is that it is yours! Personalize everything as a reflection of your style and your story, including all the paper details. One great way to personalize your invitations is including a sketch or watercolor of your church or reception venue. If your style leans toward a formal look for the wedding invitation, add these artwork pieces in an envelope liner or as an accent on the detail card. 

Pro Tip: Add the illustration to the top of your wedding program for a cohesive look across all your wedding paper. 



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