Every girl loves her fresh blooms, and envisioning your altar surrounded by every type of flower under the sun is certainly a blissful dream. However, as you meet with a florist and describe your floral vision, you soon come to the realization of the immense cost that can accrue as each flower arrangement is added to the invoice. This isn’t to say that you can’t still have your flowers and smell them too! You just have to get creative in using your floral decorations in more way than one, you could call them flowers in double vision.

To get double use of your aisle arrangements, have plans to repurpose them as centerpieces or cocktail table accessories. Large flowing altar pieces can be cut from the arbor and used in the middle of the head table or sweetheart table as a cascading accessory. Even the beautifully arranged bridesmaid bouquets can be utilized as centerpieces, bar décor or a pop of color on the cake table.

By employing this floral dual-purpose strategy, you not only maximize the impact of your floral arrangements but also showcase a thoughtful and sustainable approach to wedding decor. Your guests will be enchanted by the seamless transition of blooms from ceremony to reception, and you’ll revel in the knowledge that you’ve made the most of your investment in nature’s beauty. Flowers in double vision, a concept that not only delights the eye but also brings a touch of practical elegance to your special day.

Floral: Bella Chic Floral

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