If you have made the decision to take your spouse’s last name, then you have quite the task ahead of you to make the conversion. So, what do you need to transition from Miss to Mrs? Use this comprehensive list mentioning each area of life that you will want to update your name, read tips to getting the paperwork done efficiently and take note of physical locations that you will need to visit. 

Before the Wedding

The first step in securing a new last name actually happens before the wedding. While applying for your marriage license, request and pay for a duplicate copy to be mailed to you. After the wedding has taken place, and your witnesses have signed, your officiant returns the license to the county. The county then processes the document as public record, and sends you a certified copy that you can use to begin the name changing process. The copy is typically mailed within two weeks, so you can begin promptly after returning from the honeymoon. 

Legal Documents

Social Security Card

The first document to change is your Social Security Card. There are three locations in Jackson County to do this; two locations in Kansas City and one in Independence. There is only one office location for Johnson County residents, which is in Lenexa. To apply for a new social security card, you will need to bring your birth certificate, passport or driver’s license as proof of citizenship, as well as your certified marriage license and a completed application. If you aren’t pressed for time, you can also apply for a new social security card via mail.

Driver's License

After receiving your new social security card, you can make your way to the joyous DMV to apply for your new driver’s license. Be sure to bring your current driver’s license, marriage certificate or social security card, and proof of identity. You will have to pay a fee for the new license and provide a new signature.


Changing your name on your passport may not seem immediately necessary, but given the length of time that it takes to get a passport back, you will want to add it to your to-do list sooner than later. If your passport is under a year old, then you can submit your marriage license, new photo, current passport and completed form DS-5504 to receive an updated passport for free. If your passport is over a year old, then unfortunately you will have to pay to change your name on the government document. You may visit a post office or mail in your request for a new passport. 


Now that you have an updated driver’s license, it is smooth sailing when it comes to banking institutions. Make an appointment or stop by your bank and bring your ID and your marriage license with you so that you can make an official name change on your checking, savings, and credit card accounts. You may also want to take time to order new checks with both of your names printed at the top. If you bank at more than one location, make sure to make changes to all accounts. 

You will want to contact all of your credit card providers, investments account holders, and school loans to make a name change. When changing from miss to mrs, you might even combine some accounts.


Whether you have decided to add both names to the title or solely update your own, you are going to need a plan for updating all records associated with your vehicle(s). This includes updating your vehicle registration, car title, personal property tax, and auto insurance.

Home Management

Maybe the most time-consuming change when going from miss to mrs, is updating your name on all of your home-related accounts. This would include your mortgage or rent agreement, homeowners or renters insurance, property tax, and the endless utility companies (electric, water, trash, cable, phone, internet, etc.).

Voter Registration

Prevent losing the opportunity to vote at the next election, update the name on your voter registration card and request that a new copy to be mailed to you.


There are many different items to update at your place of work when going from miss to mrs. Talk with someone in human resources or the person that cuts payroll to update the name that is to be issued on your checks. You will also want to change your W2 form, 401k, health insurance, and life insurance (if provided by your employer). Lastly, update your voicemail greeting, email address and signature, business cards, and employee badge.

Medical Offices

Use whatever strength you have left to update your name at your medical offices. This would include your doctor’s office, dentist, pharmacy, eye doctor, counselors, and the veterinarian. You will want your medical records to reflect the new name that is printed on your insurance card. 

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