Geoff and Sara’s Eco-Inspired Wedding at the Scarritt Building was a romantic and elegant beginning to their lives together.

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: Scarritt Building     Photographer: Sharaya Mauck Photography     Gown: Gown Gallery     Bridesmaid: Rent the Runway     Menswear: Byron     Hair: Stem Hair & Body Salon     Makeup: Chanel At Halls     Invitations: Kim McAndrew     Florist: The Cottage Rose     Caterer: Krokstrom Klubb & Market     Cake: Bev Stafford     Band: The Patrick Lentz Band     Videography: Gold Hairpin Films     Favors: The Succulent Source     Photobooth: Complete Weddings & Events     Rentals: Ultrapom Event Rentals

Geoff & Sara’s Love Story:

I am a counselor and behavior analyst at a center that provides therapy to children diagnosed with autism. When we first opened our center, we had a temporary office location in a medical building while the permanent building was being constructed. I helped with many other duties around the center including medical billing, scheduling appointments, and answering calls at the front desk. One day, not long after we opened, I was working at the front desk and a very handsome man walked in and introduced himself and mentioned that his office was upstairs. I still remember looking down at his ring finger to see if he was married (which he didn’t have a ring on) and thinking to myself, “surely he is engaged, if not, I’m sure he has a girlfriend, and whoever it is, she is a lucky girl.” After he left our office, I knew I had to see him again and find out if he was single! I ended up befriending his office manager and asked her about him. He was in fact single! I friended him on Facebook, where we shared contact information, and planned for our first date. He started calling me every night on the days that we didn’t see each other, which led to a relationship, a house, and after four and half years of dating, a proposal.

Geoff purchased my engagement ring before we went on a vacation to Charleston. Unfortunately, I became sick while traveling and felt under the weather for the entire week that we were in South Carolina. He had my ring in his bag the entire time we were there but decided to wait until I was feeling better and we were back at home. Our schnauzer, Sprinkle, who was also a part of the wedding, helped Geoff with the proposal a week later while we were at home. When he proposed, I was completely caught off guard and surprised. I already knew years earlier that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, but when he asked me, it was a special moment in time that I will remember forever.

I did not hire a wedding planner because I knew that I would be too Type A for someone else to help me with the decision-making process. Geoff was such an easy-going supportive fiancé that as long as I was happy, he was happy. We planned a wedding for 280 people with many guests from out of town, so I feel that’s an accomplishment in itself!I spent several hours a month before the wedding making homemade confetti to go inside our glassine envelope programs, so that after they announced us as bride and groom, everyone would toss their confetti as we walked down the aisle. Well, it turns out we had a lot of lit candles lining our aisle, so our coordinator didn’t think it was a good idea to toss paper into an area that had a lot of open flames. We asked people to hold onto their programs until we arrived downstairs, which was outside the ceremony ballroom. Before we arrived, they had everyone line up and wait for us to walk through. Walking through the line, hand in hand with Geoff, while having everyone toss their confetti around us and seeing their smiling faces was one of the many memorable moments we shared on our beautiful day.

A Few Special Pieces:

Our toy schnauzer, Sprinkle, was a part of the wedding. I purchased a dress for her and she proudly wore it! It was so sweet to see her stay so close to me while I was getting ready the morning of the wedding.  I’m so glad that she could be a part of our special day. 

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