Jared and Julie’s Glamorous Wedding was an opulent affair that took place in the heart of the beautiful and tranquil grounds of Unity Village.

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: Unity Village   Photography: Photos Edge    Coordinator: Nellie Sparkman Events    Gown: Ysa Makino & Stephen Yearick Collaboration    Menswear: Tip Top Tux    Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids    Hair: Posh KC    Makeup: Makeup by Sarah Abby    Flowers: Good Earth Floral    Officiant: Timmy Gibson    DJ: Elite Sounds    Cake: Classic Cakes    Videography: Romantic Reels Media    Rentals: Ultrapom Event Rentals 
Jared & Julie’s Love Story The summer of 2013 was a life-changing season for me. I had lived in Kansas City since 2007 and recently ended a relationship. I found myself wondering if I needed a change of scenery, a fresh start in my new life. So, I planned to stay in Kansas City through the Fall and then move on to my new life somewhere else. Needless to say, that plan changed.  A few weeks before my last day in KC, I was invited to an annual party on the plaza celebrating the start of the Plaza Art Fair. I happily abandoned my dull packing plan to join my friends. I threw on a fun dress and headed to the Stueve Siegel Hanson Plaza Art Fair Party.  I had been enjoying the night socializing when I saw my neighbor Alex. He introduced me to his friend, Jared, and two girls they were with. I am a shy girl when it comes to guys, so I concluded that Jared was dating one of these girls, therefore making it easier for me to talk to him and act like a complete fool. Basically I was myself. The next morning, I woke to find a message in my Facebook inbox. It was from Jared. I glanced at my phone, and saw that I had a text. From Jared. I even looked at my Snapchat to see what funny things we had all posted through the night because it was kind of fuzzy. I saw that I had a new friend. Jared Miller. This guy really covers his bases.  That week, I found out that Jared did not, in fact, have a girlfriend. He had been different than any guy I had ever dated, so initially, I was confused about what intrigued me so much about him. Then one night we met friends for happy hour, and he asked if he could walk me home. We sat outside on the steps in front of my building and talked until 3 am. That was the night I was no longer confused about what drew me to him. He was funny, and dorky in the cutest way. He was intelligent and so passionate about his love for Kansas City. He was handsome and kind. He was the guy I didn’t know I needed. The one  I had no idea I was looking for, and I met him at a time that I least expected it.It didn’t take me very long to know that this was a guy that I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with. After making the decision to stay in KC and eight months later on Jared’s birthday, he forever changed our lives when he got down on one knee, told me he felt the exact same way, and asked me to be his wife. When I pictured our wedding day and what I would want it to be like, it was funny how I never had the details in my mind. I made a trip to Unity Village alone, and amongst its beauty, I just knew that we would have our wedding there. It would take place the following September. The month we met, and the month that now means so very much to us. A Few Special Pieces: Jared lost his younger brother, Jordan, just months before we were engaged. They were very close and I wanted Jared and his family to know that though Jordan was not able to be with us, he was not forgotten in everything that we did. I had a matching set of cufflinks made for Jared and his father to wear. Jared’s initial’s (JRM) was engraved on one link and Jordan’s initials (JMM) was engraved on the other. The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day The moment that most significantly impacted me was when I saw that Jennifer had a picture of my brother and I as children on her bouquet. The fact that the person I was marrying found time to make something this significant to me and my family be an integral part of her day, goes to show why she is simply the most beautiful person inside and out.  The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day If I could pick out a moment that really caught me by surprise as one of the most emotional moments of the whole day, it would be when I had the First Look with my Dad. I didn’t even make it down the couple of steps before I saw his ear to ear grin crinkle, and slightly collapse as tears started to fall down his cheek. I lost it.