Ben & Cassie’s Golden Blush Hilton President Wedding was a celebration of elegance, romance, and a touch of fairytale magic. The chosen color scheme of golden blush created a palette that was both luxurious and romantic, setting the stage for an unforgettable day.

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Ceremony Venue: Country Club Christian Church    Reception Venue: Hilton President     Photography: Andrea Nigh Photography    Coordinator: Hitched Planning & Floral     Gown: Bridal Extraordinaire    Menswear: Men’s Warehouse    Invitations: Stacia Blase     Cake: Aces Cake Shop    Hair: Kat Collett     Florist: Branches & Twigs    Makeup: Tracey Wells & Mary Cuezze    Rentals: Platinum Productions    Videography: Griffin Davis
Ben & Cassie’s Love Story Ben and I first met on the Plaza at the Plaza Art Fair. We share a mutual friend, and she had invited both of us out. I had heard about him many times before but had never had the opportunity to meet him in person. That night, I remember thinking, “Why did I not know that Ben was so cute and fun?” A week later, he asked me out, and we never looked back.  While dating we decided to train for the Chicago Marathon. We trained for months and were excited to run the race and have a little getaway at the same time. Ben was running for a personal best and I was running for completion over anything else. After I finished the race, I called Ben to track him down at the finish line. We eventually found each other in the sea of people. Immediately when we connected, Ben grabbed my hand and got down on one knee. Honestly, I blacked out, and don’t remember much of what he said. Later on, I even asked him what he had said to me while proposing and he replied, “Whatever you always dreamed of me saying.” Which was funny, because he definitely did not say that. I later teased with him, saying that if I knew I was getting a diamond at the end of the race, I would have been keeping up with the Kenyans at the front.  I quickly learned throughout the wedding planning process that I’m a very visual person. I had a hard time verbally articulating the vision I had in my head. Thank goodness for Pinterest! Every meeting I had, I pulled up pictures of how I envisioned the ballroom. I loved the “Mr. & Mrs. Musfeldt” signs. I did research trying to find those signs. All the ones I kept finding were either too expensive to purchase or didn’t ship to Kansas City. I ended up finding them online, from Michaels. They were perfect, and a bargain! Branches & Twigs nailed all the floral and table settings! I was blown away with the entire look, and most importantly with the entire day! A Few Special Pieces: My favorite personal touch was our late night menu. My dad passed away in January 2015, and he always teased me that we were going to have Wal-Mart fried chicken and macaroni to eat at my wedding. And, we did just that to honor him. Our late night menu was chicken strips with macaroni and cheese served on Great Value paper plates. Just the way he would have liked it. And, it was fabulous! The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day The post-ceremony celebration was my favorite part of the day. The stress and anticipation of the day had melted away as soon as I kissed Cassie at the altar. We were ushered to a backroom to sign the marriage certificate and celebrate with our wedding party. Hugs, high fives, and chest bumps were aplenty. Shortly after we were to be announced leaving the church. I knew Cassie wanted the picture perfect rose petal celebration, and our friends did not disappoint. Walking down those steps with my bride made me the happiest man. The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day My favorite part of the day was the time before the reception started when Ben and I had some alone time. We got to go up to the ballroom and see the entire room decorated before everyone else. It was a nice moment alone before the party got started. All in one instance Ben and I got to see our vision brought to life.