Over the past ten years, Grooms have become more involved in the planning of their wedding. The responsibility no longer rests on the sole shoulders of the bride (which she has to be excited about). Most men like taking control of the bar or transportation instead of the flowers and decorations, leaving the frilly items to the ladies to gush over. While helping in arranging the big day is always appreciated, we see some gentlemen taking their efforts a step further. Whether it be their appreciation for all the work their Bride is doing for the wedding, or what we would like to think is their unrelenting love for her, men are finding ways to surprise their Bride with a memorable moment on the big day through groom wedding gestures.

While most men are not known for planning in advance, these special moments have most definitely been thought through and planned with family and wedding professionals. It is a team effort to pull off these special moments, and to keep them a secret from the Bride up until the wedding day. 

  • A Groom knew how much his Bride wanted to have a photo booth at their wedding, but their budget just didn’t allow for them to have one. Over several months, he saved bit by bit and ended up contracting a booth. He set up all the details, arranged the delivery, and successfully kept it a secret for months. During the grand entrance at the reception, the wedding party entered first and made a wall in front of the booth. When the Bride and Groom were announced, they walked in, straight towards their friends, and then the group split and he ushered his Bride straight into the booth to take the first set of photos.
  • A Groom, who just happened to be an amazing vocalist, surprised his Bride by picking up the guitar and performing an acoustic version of “Stealing Cinderella” as she took the dance floor with her father for the father/daughter dance.
  • A Groom attended the final walk through at the venue with his fiancé to go over the last minute details. The venue had the capability to project a slideshow of photos for the couple. The bride expressed to the venue manager that she had wanted to put one together but ended up running out of time. The Groom made a mental note of her comment, went home, and spent endless hours collecting and organizing a slideshow. The night of the wedding, once they set down for the dinner, the slideshow magically started in front of the Bride and all of the guests. She was brought to tears at the thoughtfulness of her Groom as the endless memories shined in front of her.

Photo by: Freeland Photography

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