The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing your wedding day with hand-lettered items. If you ask any hand-letterer in the wedding industry, they’ll confirm that most items they create are tailor-made to their clients. It’s not often that any two lettered-items are the same, especially when using hand-lettering customization—a service most modern calligraphers still provide.

hand-lettering customization
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Looking to add some flair to your wedding photos? Hand-lettered jean and leather jackets for engagement or day of pictures will make your photos even more unique. Plus, your jacket is something you’ll be able to keep for years to come to remind you of your special day. Common designs are hand-painted surnames, wedding dates, and florals.

hand-lettering customization
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When it comes to wedding signage, most items probably won’t make their way back to your home once your wedding day comes to an end. This is where keepsakes come in. Vows are still a staple even in modern ceremonies. How many times are vows written on a napkin or a folded-up sheet of notebook paper that gets lost in the mix of the day? Put your calligrapher to good use, and order vows that they write prettily for you to frame later. It’ll make for a sweet piece of art in your home that you and your partner can refer back to as often as needed.


In recent years, custom seating charts have gained more momentum at wedding receptions. A good rule of thumb is providing a seating chart if you’re planning for 75+ guests, though some couples with smaller guest lists still opt for a seating chart as a form of etiquette. No matter how many people you invite, this gives your guests direction and makes for a smoother transition from your ceremony to your reception. Couples like to get creative with the headers, mediums, and colors. Popular phrases are: “Our Favorite People” and “We Saved You a Seat”. Popular seating chart mediums are acrylic, mirrors, and even old windows. Popular colors are pastels and clear acrylic for the spring/summer and darker, matte colors for the fall/winter.


It’s important to pair your seating chart with table numbers so your guests know where to sit. Facing your table numbers towards the direction your guests will be walking in from ensures they’ll be able to see the table number clearly. You’ll want your table numbers to fit the theme of your table arrangements. Be as bold or as simple as you’d like. If you want the focus to be on the rest of the table, choose an understated clear acrylic with classic white lettering like this one that allows your florals to catch the eye of your guests within your centerpieces.

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hand-lettering customization
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If you’re planning on having an open bar, a fun option is to connect with your bartending service and pick out a couple of “signature drinks” that your guests can order. These are one-of-a-kind cocktails created by you and your bartender. It’s not uncommon for couples to name their drinks after their pets as a small way to include them in the day. Once decided, you can let your calligrapher know the names of your signature drinks along with the ingredients for your custom bar menu. These are usually written on acrylic or drawn digitally, printed, and framed.




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