Have you ever wondered about what the “Henna Hype” is? Continue reading for a brief overview of hennas.

hen·na      noun

1.  the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used as a dye to color the hair and decorate the body.

2.  the Old World shrub that produces henna, with small pink, red, or white flowers.

There’s very little not to love about henna. Praised for its beautiful and intricate lines, the art form has experienced a popularity spike in recent years. Meant to signify luck and prosperity, it is no wonder many brides are often incorporating it into their wedding day rituals.

Henna takes on many uses, but Mehndi is the process of painting the skin in a henna paste. Typically, brides have either their hands and/or feet decorated, and once the paste has dried over several hours, it flakes off, revealing a beautiful stain that develops and deepens over time, and then lasts about 10 days.

We were so curious about this process, we wanted to see it for ourselves. So, we called upon Henna artist and extraordinaire, Jason Alan. He owns Henna Being and travels the globe teaching and creating new designs. Whether you want an image recreated or will give him the opportunity to freehand something better than you could ever have imagined, he can make it happen. It was evident from our first encounter that he cares deeply about the henna cause and takes pride in every piece he designs.

He explained that although true bridal Mehndi involved staining both front and back of your hands and arms to the elbow, that brides can still interpret that loosely if they’re just looking to incorporate pieces of it into their day. In fact, it’s a great experience for brides and their maids to share together, as it will definitely make for even more amazing photos. Jason takes it one step further, by making sure all the ingredients are natural and safe for your skin.

We are all now fans of this process, and after all the compliments we got in the ten days that followed, it’s safe to say we will be back again… and again. 

To schedule your own staining, check out Jason’s website at www.hennabeing.com. 

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