Determining how to honor your loved ones at the wedding can be a difficult task. You want it to be a visible gesture, yet at the same time personal and a representation of the relationship you shared with them. You may want to share your memoriam with other guests, and in other situations, you may want the gesture of honoring your loved ones to remain private and only shared with your closest friends and family. Here some ideas on how you can honor the memory of your loved ones whether it be public or personal in nature.


  • Incorporate a piece of their wedding dress or suit into your own attire.
  • Wear one of their personal pieces, such as a  veil, necklace, bracelet or ring.
  • Put a photo in a small frame to be wrapped around your bouquet.
  • Once you are in your dress, take a photo of you holding a photo of your loved one in her wedding dress.
  • Have custom cufflinks made with a photo and quote to wear on the wedding day.
  • Carry their hanky with you or wrap it around your bouquet to have handy.
  • Incorporate their favorite flower into the arrangements for the wedding day.
  • Grab the others that loved him/her so dearly,   such as your siblings, parents and grandparents and take a family photo while holding a picture of your loved one.


  • Reserve a seat in the front row of the ceremony for your departed friend or family member. Put a single flower on their seat as a way to symbolize their presence.
  • Have a reserved area in your ceremony program that is dedicated to all of those that have passed.
  • Set up a table at the reception with photos, flowers, and a lit candle for all of your guests to see.
  • Have the band or DJ play one of their favorite songs during the reception.
  • In lieu of favors, make a donation to a cause in honor of your loved one.
  • Bring to life one of your loved one’s favorite foods by having the caterer incorporate it into the meal or making it yourself, such as caramel pralines, and handing them out as guest favors.
  • Create a memory tree with hanging photos for all to see.

by: Laura Fotovich

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