This year will unfold a variety of hot wedding trends, some brand new to the scene and others as imaginative versions of what we saw introduced towards the end of last year. From attire to photography to color palettes and photo booths – there are several ways you can add some fresh flair to your wedding. 

Here are the hot wedding trends for 2023 + 2024 that you can take advantage of right here in Kansas City!


No one wants to look sweaty in summer-time wedding photos. Or have a cramped day-of schedule that doesn’t allow time to get pictures. Or to be limited to the backdrops within the block around the venue. A bridal session solves all of those problems! Completed on a separate day of the wedding, the bride gets prepared as if it were the day-of and gets the photos taken that she’s dreamed of in a calm, stress-free environment that showcases her personality.

Photo: Mike Cassimatis Photography


Move over toasting flutes because the cake table is now a field of greenery and blooms. Perfect to accent a simple cake, the flowers offer a variety of color and texture, making for stunning photos. 


White, pastels, and greenery have been dominating the design boards for years and now color is coming back bright and bold. Couples are getting more adventurous with unique color palettes and design texture that makes their wedding stand out. 


Bars are moving out of the dark corner and getting a facelift with customized vinyl graphics that can feature anything from the couple’s monogram, to flowers, to design elements that match the invitations. And why stop at the bar when you can extend the same look to the dance floor? The design and print options are endless!

Photo: Claire Ryser Photography | Bar: Platinum XP

Photo: Copper Tree Photography | Booth: Top Tier Photo 360 Booth


Step on the platform and get ready for the camera to catch your every move as it circles you and your crew dancing, blowing kiss, and having the time of your life! Guests can share the videos to show just how much fun they had at the wedding.


A gin and tonic just doesn’t cut it anymore. Specialty cocktails have been around low-key for quite some time, but this year they are becoming a major trend. From flavors to colors to glassware, couples are making a statement with their drink of choice, and guests are drinkin’ it up (quite literally)!


Have a special song that means a lot to your relationship, but it doesn’t quite fit the vibe of the ceremony or first dance? Bands are making sure couples have the perfect wedding soundtrack by taking their couples’ favorite songs and creating unique arrangements that fit the wedding moment. Cue the nostalgia! 


It’s all formal and down-to-business until you see the hidden lining on the inside! Suits are taking the custom route well beyond tailoring and adding the lining that is special to its owner. Will it be airplanes, superheroes, or an ode to Kansas City? 

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