Daniel and Alison’s Indoor Garden Wedding at Pennway Place was the ideal beginning of their forever love story, blossoming from a long-standing friendship into a beautiful romance.


Get the Look

Photographer: Cornerstone Photography   Ceremony & Reception Venue: Pennway Place   Wedding Coordinator: Simple Elegance   Gown: Liancarlo  Menswear: Hugo Boss   Bridesmaid Dresses: Siri   Florist: Studio Dan Meiners   Invitations: Jo Ellen Bax   Hair: Shelby Herrick Salon   Makeup: Carmody Alston Ward   Catering: Twenty 20 Catering   Band: Liquid Blue   Photo Booth: Photobus KC   Cake: Nancy Stark

Daniel & Alison’s Love Story

A long time ago – 1993 to be exact – there was a girl and a boy who met for the first time. The girl had a crush on the boy. The boy had a crush on the girl. But they were too shy to express how they felt about one another. Instead, she secretly took pictures of him at parties and listened to tapes she knew he liked. He told anecdotes to his friends about how she looked like Elizabeth Shue from Karate Kid and had the biggest, brightest smile. Not so long after they’d met, the girl moved away while the boy remained behind. The girl grew up and had her own adventures. The boy grew up and had adventures of his own. They both led fulfilling lives, but something was still missing for the both of them….

Twenty years later, the girl came back to where she’d started. The girl’s long-time friend and the boy’s long-time friend made certain that their paths would cross once more. That’s when the girl and the boy met for the second time. They shared stories of their lives, laughs, loves and losses. They became fast friends and when the time was right, they became much more.

She doted upon him endlessly, and he to her. They made new memories together; lived, laughed, and loved. It didn’t take long for the boy to realize that the girl was everything he’d ever wanted and everything he didn’t know he’d needed (but did). After building up enough courage, the boy proposed to the girl on April 12, 2014. The boy prepared a picnic for the two of them on the lawn of the Nelson Akins. They had previously discussed the notion of getting married, but that was all. The boy asked the girl, “Would you still marry me?” And the girl replied, “Yes, all I would need you to do is ask.” He replied, “What if I asked you today?” and he pulled a gorgeous ring out of the picnic basket. Naturally, she said yes!

Gleefully, the boy and girl began planning their wedding and sought out the help of Lindsay Howes of Simple Elegance for some planning assistance. The wedding day was stress-free and was complete with all of the big and small details that the boy and girl cherished.

Special Touches

On the big day, I carried a purse of my mom’s that has been used by all the ladies in our family. I also wore pearls that my father had given me as a wedding present. My husband wore an antique pocket watch that had belonged to his great-grandfather. We wanted our wedding to feel fancy, but not stuffy. Romantic, but not overly feminine. Dan Meiner conceptualized our day, and the end result was more than what we had ever imagined.

The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day

My favorite part was seeing Alison in her wedding dress for the first time. I was facing a set of glass windows in the entry area and saw Alison’s silhouette as she entered the room. I had to keep myself from turning around too early, as I could hear the photographer and our family taking pictures as she entered. As she asked me to turn around, my stomach filled with butterflies. Needless to say, she was absolutely radiant and beautiful. She comforted me with a loving kiss that set into motion the rest of the evening (and our lives) together.

The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day

My favorite has to be when we forgot to exchange our rings during the ceremony. I think our nerves got the better of us because as our officiant started to say “I now pronounce you…” I quickly got her attention and showed her I still had my husband’s ring in my hand. We couldn’t help but start laughing, and as the audience realized what had happened, pretty soon everyone was laughing. We felt it really was a fun, organic moment that truly made our ceremony special.