The rain held off for Adam and Stacie’s Intimate Hilltop Wedding, providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration.

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Photographer: Schaumburg Photography   Ceremony & Reception Venue: Personal Residence   Gown: Janay A Eco Bridal   Menswear: Macy’s  Bridesmaid Dresses: Adrianna Papell   Florist: Good Earth Floral  Invitations: Erica Birkman   Hair: Julie Richardson   Makeup: Kathleen Watson   Cookies: Katie Alldritt   DJ: DJ Candlepants   Catering: Diana’s Kitchen & Joe’s BBQ  Rentals: All Seasons   Videographer: Teresa Grieb & Deena Schaumburg
Adam & Stacie’s Love Story On the 4th of July, 2011, Adam and Stacie were each invited to join their friends for a canoe float trip down the Kaw River. Early that morning Stacie arrived at Adam’s house making it the first time they set eyes on each other. As they unloaded at the river, Adam decided to have Stacie in his canoe. For six hours Adam and Stacie floated down the Kaw introducing themselves to each other. Needless to say, they enjoyed each other’s company. Over the next year, Stacie and Adam continued to socialize, particularly every Monday at the Free State Brewery. In the Spring of 2012, Adam asked Stacie to go to dinner. They went to 715 Restaurant where Adam picked up the bill. Stacie was pretty sure she could call this a date. Like a perfect gentleman, Adam took Stacie straight home after dinner. By January 19, 2013, Stacie and Adam decided to make it official and become boyfriend and girlfriend. On April 3, 2014, Adam made Green Chile Enchiladas for dinner and asked Stacie to pick up a bottle of tequila on her way home from work. Stacie and Adam enjoyed a relaxing dinner at home together. She had no idea they were drinking tequila to calm Adam’s nerves. After dinner, Adam presented Stacie with a ring. He never asked her to marry him and she never had to say yes. The two of them knew they had found their partner for life. Giving Stacie the family diamond was all that needed to be done to seal the deal. The couple began planning the wedding almost immediately. All the details naturally fell into place as they thought about what defined them. The beer and food were easy choices, Joe’s BBQ and Freestate Beer! The venue took awhile to locate but eventually Adam remembered where he enjoyed the best parties growing up–at his friend Rachel’s house. The house was now an Air BNB rental so it was available to be the venue. On the big day they got an early start, scheduled to marry at 11am. Stacie and Anna spent the morning “turning into princesses,” as her stepdaughter would say. Stacie was too blissful to notice it had started to rain. She insisted on getting married under the Chuppah that her future husband had built from the trees they had cut from their woods. There was no other option! By the time Stacie found her starting place, the sky had opened up, the rain stopped and the perfect day continued. Adam was standing under the Chuppah looking calm and collected, Stacie was crying. The ceremony was short and sweet, a blend of both Jewish and Christian cultures to bring the two families together. The highlight was when their Black Labrador, Dixie, brought the rings in her favorite toy, the Kong. After the ceremony the guests gathered under the tent to enjoy champagne and appetizers, followed by BBQ, dancing, and outdoor games. There is only one way to sum up April 25, 2015…. It was a perfect day. Special Pieces The Alldritt wedding was filled with sentimental touches. The bride’s dress was adorned with lace from her mother’s dress, her ring belonged to her great-grandmother– a piece she had been eyeing in her mother’s jewelry box her whole life. Her earrings belonged to her other great-grandmother and her bracelet was the same gold bracelet she wore for her Bat-Mitzvah. Adam crafted the Chuppah from trees of his childhood woods. The wine glasses for the ceremony were passed down to the couple from the groom’s parents. The same canoe that Adam & Stacy met in was filled with ice and drinks at the reception. The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day This wedding was not only the joining of husband and wife but the creation of an instant family. Stacie would officially become a stepmother to my daughter. As apart of the ceremony, Stacie read vows to her new stepdaughter. I found this notion very touching and sweet. It was so special that Stacie honored the importance of being a new part of my little girl’s life. The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day Being given away by my father was a defining moment in my life. As soon as my father cracked the door, the tears began to flow for both of us. I gave my Dad his gift–a handkerchief crafted from the fabric of my dress, trimmed in the heirloom lace from my mother’s dress. I asked for his handkerchief in return and it just so happened to be blue–my “something blue”.