The list of things our “Crown Town” is known for is ever-expanding, but one of Kansas City locals’ favorite claims to fame is the incredible barbecue. With over 100 barbecue restaurants in the greater metropolitan area (and counting) (here’s a list of the top 10 to get you started), it’s no surprise that couples who wed in Kansas City often choose to feature barbecue in their wedding. It’s natural to serve delicious Kansas City barbecue at either the rehearsal dinner or the reception, but there are many other unique and creative ways to incorporate Kansas City BBQ at your wedding!


Kansas City serves BBQ with a heaping side of swagger, boasting over 100 barbecue restaurants across the city. Showcase your KC pride and provide your wedding party with a BBQ Tour. As you plan bridal party events in the months leading up to your wedding, incorporate your favorite BBQ spots with each event. Think bridesmaid fittings, tux or suit fittings, bachelor and bachelorette weekends, planning meetings… Follow up each wedding event with an opportunity to connect and relax over Kansas City’s best barbecue. Your bridal party will enjoy the opportunity to slow down and connect, and you’ll be able to feast with your crew before the big day.


Groom’s cakes are traditionally less formal and are crafted to reflect the personality, hobbies, or favorite pastimes of the groom, such as card games, a favorite sport, boating, golf, or similar. If your groom loves KC BBQ, why not incorporate that love into the groom’s cake? The possibilities are endless. Choose a cake in his favorite flavor, then opt for a barbecue theme like a barbecue grill, barbecue sauce, or a custom theme you know he’ll enjoy. The groom’s cake may not taste like a Kansas City “masterpiece,” but it will certainly look like it, and that counts in our book! Certainly a sweet way to incorporate Kansas City BBQ at your wedding.


Your bridal party has stuck with you through thick and thin. They’ve attended countless fittings, and set aside weekends for your engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding shower, bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, and wedding day. They’ve invested money, time, and so much love into you two, and they’ve worked hard to make sure they uphold every commitment. Now, it’s time to thank them for all they’ve put into this important occasion. Show them your appreciation, and your innate love of BBQ, by incorporating Kansas City barbecue into your bridal party gifts. In lieu of traditional cigars or jewelry, opt for a barbecue themed gift, such as a gift card to your favorite barbecue restaurant, a book of Kansas City barbecue recipes or barbecue history in Kansas City, or even an assortment of the best barbecue sauces Kansas City has to offer. Include a grill tool in their favorite color, then sit back and relax. You can relish the lavish thanks you’re sure to receive. Kansas City BBQ at Your Wedding


It’s customary for couples across the globe to show gratitude to wedding guests who have traveled to attend a wedding anyway, so why not take the opportunity to share the quintessential flavor of Kansas City BBQ with your out-of-town guests? Put together a custom gift basket for each hotel room and include a bottle of your favorite local Kansas City barbecue sauce. If you and your significant other have a different favorite sauce, mix it up and alternate between the two, or include a bottle of each! After traveling, this is such a nice way to treat out-of-towners and have a theme of Kansas City BBQ at your wedding. Be sure to round out your gift basket with other personal Kansas City favorites: coffee, chocolates, wine, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Don’t forget to tuck in a small map marked with all your favorite BBQ joints and attractions. Your out of town guests will love the personal recommendations and appreciate your thoughtfulness!


Bridal favors have been a wedding tradition for centuries, and couples everywhere work hard to select the perfect personal gift for their guests; one that communicates their gratitude and love, while remaining easy to keep and carry. Gifts vary widely, ranging the gamut from sweet and simple to elaborate. One of our favorite ways to incorporate KC BBQ into your wedding favors is to give your guests a miniature bottle of authentic Kansas City barbecue sauce. This wedding favor will keep and carry well, but it will also provide your guests with a taste of the flavor you love. Create an impressive tabletop display near the exit so guests can retrieve their gift when the reception ends, or incorporate each guest’s wedding favor into your centerpieces. Dress them up with a wine glass charm, or a recipe card with your favorite BBQ recipe. You’re ready to hit the ground running! The only thing left to do is decide which is the best barbecue in Kansas City, and you’re ready to begin incorporating Kansas City BBQ at your wedding! Enjoy Kansas City BBQ at Your Wedding? Ready to start finding vendors for your wedding? Check out our collection of Kansas City Wedding Vendors.