Our focus at Wed KC is to support the engaged couples within Kansas City. Usually that includes sharing local inspiration and planning tips, but solemnly, today that means we need to help you prepare for what impact the Coronavirus may have on your wedding. Below you will find a Kansas City Wedding Coronavirus Update. NOTE: This post will be updated as new developments are made within the Kansas City community.

On Saturday, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced a 30-day stay-at-home order, which goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, 3/24/20. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this order requires Kansas City residents to stay at home, except for essential activities such as getting groceries or medical help. On Sunday, Mayor Quinton Lucas answered questions about the new order via Facebook Live.

Some of you may not be affected by this, but others are going to be displaced (and emotionally drained from having to re-plan), so we want to offer you some “next steps and strategies” to assist those that are being affected. This message doesn’t only come from us, but also from the vendors that have worked tirelessly to help make your upcoming wedding a dream. We are all heartbroken for the situation you are going through, and if we had anything in our power to make this virus go away and to give you back your picture-perfect day, on the date you had hoped for it to be on, we would all championing by your side to move mountains on your behalf.

Within this announcement, you will find the following:



If you read nothing else, you should know these things:

  1. The new stay-at-home order goes into effect on Tuesday, 3/24/20 and ends on 4/24/20; however, it could become longer (which would then affect late May, June, and possibly July weddings).
  2. You may feel frustrated and overwhelmed during this time. It is our suggestions that if you have been on the edge of considering a wedding planner, this is the time to hire one. Let them take some of the burden off of you, let them help you move or reschedule your wedding. This is your first time planning a large event, and they do it for a profession – they know the exact help you need and how to get it done with the least stress possible!
  3. If you plan to reschedule, our conversations with venues and planners have suggested that finding a back-up date in January, February, and March of 2021 would be best as those are industry off-season months. Second, look at non-peak days such as Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.
  4. Your patience is appreciated at this time. You, your vendors, and the industry as a whole is all finding out the evolving changes and restrictions at the same time. Vendors want to honor their commitments to you, their beloved client, but need to think through the strategy of how they can best deliver their services to all of their impacted clients. We are talking hundreds of weddings impacted all at once; give them grace and time to find a solution.
  5. This is going to be a rescheduling fiasco. Sorry, we are not trying to be insensitive, but we also want to give you a true picture of what is happening. If you choose to reschedule your wedding, it is going to be extremely difficult to find another date that all of your booked vendors are available on. Take a deep breath, you can get through this! You can help yourself by being flexible on the back-up date, so that you can find an alternative where all of your vendors (and the deposits you placed with them) could be transferred. However, if you find that a particular vendor is not available, ask them for recommendations for a substitute. The event industry is very close-knit in Kansas City and your vendors are going to want to go above and beyond to help you find a similar substitution if they are not available.
  6. Each of your vendors is different in their reservation and booking process. While they sympathize for you during this time and want to help you in every capacity that they can, you should expect that each of them will have their own stipulations or conditions in rescheduling. Their livelihood has been rocked to the core, your respect of their need to protect their small business through these stipulations will go a long, long way!
  7. Regardless of what your decision may be in regard to your wedding, whether you decide to postpone, reschedule or cancel, it is important that you reach out to your vendors to communicate your chosen path of action. Keep them updated on your plans so that they can continue to best serve you!


Making the decision to postpone the wedding is heartbreaking, and stressful, but it is the only way to guarantee that you will be able to say “I Do” the way you want to – with ALL of your loved ones in attendance. There are a lot of things to consider when postponing the wedding, the first being that, as you know, many weddings schedule far in advance and there are many dates already reserved in late 2020 and early 2021 that will be unavailable. To alleviate some of the stress in finding a new date, consider the industry’s off-season months of December, January, February, and March, which may have more openings for you to consider. Or look at Thursday, Friday, and Sunday availability in the month of your choice – while these might not be your first-choice Saturday preference, your guests all know what you are going through and the situation you have been faced with, they aren’t going to bail on your wedding if you reschedule it on an alternative day of the week.

If you have the means to do so, immediately hire a wedding planner to help you navigate the corona-chaos – especially if you are forced to postpone for a later date! The abundance of knowledge and resources that they have at their fingertips can make your transition less painful. You can view our list of preferred planners or scroll down to find additional options. Trust us, this will be money well spent (save your sanity)!


Picking a new date and rescheduling all of your vendors to that date is going to be the trickiest part of moving your wedding. What’s important to know is that there are two different groups of vendors: the first group being those that can only serve one event per day and the second group being those vendors that can serve multiple events on the same day. It is important that you reach out to the first group first, as they have more limited availability than the second group. Let’s take it a step further, we recommend that you contact your vendors within the following order to begin the rescheduling process:

  1. Venue- discuss your options and explore new dates. Take down a few date options so that you can begin calling your other vendors to see what date will work for all involved. Choosing a date that your other vendors are not available on may cause you to lose deposits, so it’s in your best interest to get as many already-booked vendors on board for the new date.
  2. Begin contacting the “Group 1” vendors to check their date availability against the dates discussed with your venue. These vendors include: photographer, videographer, band/dj, and officiant/church. Find the date that best suits you and the majority of these vendors.
  3. Contact your venue immediately to reserve the new date. Determine how the deposit will be handled and make arrangements to lock in your back-up date (before someone else snatches it up).
  4. Once your date is locked in, communicate with your “Group 1” vendors that the new date is locked in and that you would like to have their services for your wedding on the new date. Discuss the contract logistics and requirements with each vendor (it is important to note that each vendor is different in their reservation and booking process, so try your best to be flexible with them as they are being flexible in change with you).
  5. Upon getting your venue and Group 1 vendors aligned on the new date, it is time to begin reaching out to your Group 2 vendors. These are the wedding pros that can take on multiple events on the same day and they include: catering, florist, décor & rental provider, cake/dessert baker, invitation designer, hair and makeup provider, dress and menswear provider, dj company (if they are a multi-op), and transportation company. Whew, what a list! Contact each vendor that you have hired for the wedding and begin discussing their ability to service you on your new date and what action needs to take place to lock in their services.


It is important for us to share with you that we have been in conversation with many wedding professionals throughout this process and that our dedication in giving you up-to-date information and helpful tips on how to navigate this difficult time is not solely our own, it is very much from the vendors as well. The Kansas City wedding industry is an amazing community that is exceptionally dedicated to their clients and is trying their very best to accommodate all of their impacted couples. While you may not be receiving immediate phone calls and emails, trust us when we say that there is communication going on behind-the-scenes between all of these small business owners to find the best course of action, with the least amount of damage, to the dreams that you have for your wedding. While there is a valid excuse for the disruption, they are trying their best to ensure that your wedding is everything it was already planned to be… just on a different date.

Through one voice, this entire industry offers our condolences that you are having to endure the chaos that the Coronavirus has brought upon your wedding.


The following are a list of vendors who are happy to help couples that have been displaced.


The Historic Longview Mansionwww.longviewmansion.com

Email: lisa@longviewmansion.com

Comments: We will continue booking and not cancelling weddings with a 250 guest count. We do have some spring dates available and would love to help. 

The Gallery Event Space  – https://www.powerandlightdistrict.com/private-events/the-gallery

Email: Mccall@thegalleryeventspace.com

Comments: We have at least one Saturday in every month July-Dec as of now (with all weddings during the next 8 weeks already rescheduled) for couples who MUST have a Saturday date and their original venue does not have any more to offer. Of course, we have some Fridays and most Sundays too.

The Otten on Mainhttps://theotten.com

Comments: We have several Fridays and Saturdays in June, July and August for any couples left without a venue.

Backwoods Venue 222 –  www.backwoodsvenue222.com

Comments: June, July, August and October 2020 dates available.
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Gideon Event Spacehttps://thegideoneventspace.com

The Abbot, The Harlow & The Bardot – www.abbotteventskc.com

Harvey’s At Union Station  – https://harveyskc.com

Comments: Max capacity using both levels 145 guests. Venue availability, daily with access starting at 2pm. We follow all guidelines in safe food handling and cleaning/sanitation processes as directed by state, local and national agencies. Info on extra measures we are taking can be found at: https://harveyskc.com/committed-to-safety/  

The Brass Onion – www.thebrassonion.com

Comments: Venue availability, daily. We follow all guidelines in safe food handling and cleaning/sanitation processes as directed by state, local and national agencies. Info. on extra measures we are taking can be found at: https://thebrassonion.com/committed-to-safety/. Max capacity 130 guests.

Foundation Event Spacewww.foundationeventspace.com

Comments: We have a max capacity of 250 and can seat 225.

River Market Event Space – www.rivermarketeventplace.com

Phone: 816-221-0805

Comments: Max capacity of 225 and can seat 150 inside.

Pine Dell Horse Farm Wedding Venue – www.pinedellhorsefarm.com

Comments: We have Fridays, Sundays and a few Saturdays available, including June 27th and Oct. 10th.

Gather at Red Cedar Gardens – Facebook Page

Description: New rustic, garden outdoor event venue with large indoor shop and attached greenhouse, courtyard garden, wooded space and open green space located in Stillwell, Kansas.

The Fire House – www.firehousekc.com

Comments: Newly renovated event venue with five beautiful rooms that can accommodate parties of 50 for now, and we’ll be back at full capacity, 150, starting in May. We’re accepting bookings for weddings on weekends through this summer.

The Havana Room at The Hemingwaywww.havanaroomkc.com

Comments: We are a venue in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District. We can accommodate 160 seated/up to 280 for a cocktail party. We have several open dates in the next few months. After every event, our venue is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected including all door handles/ elevator panels, etc.

The Brim KC – www.thebrimkc.com

Comments: We’re in our first season, so we still have lots of Saturdays and most Fridays and Sundays in 2020 available! We offer outdoor ceremonies and tent receptions, and we are building a chapel in the late summer. 200 guest capacity.

The Venue at Willow Creekwww.willowcreekkc.com

Comments: We still have 2020 dates available and are being flexible with couples affected b this to help in any way we can.

Regal Hills Venue – www.regalhills.com

Comments: Regal Hills wedding venue is open Thursday-Sundays from 5/2020 – 10/2020. We are a brand new venue opening May 2020 and currently under construction. Regal Hills can accommodate 250 guests outside and 100 guests indoors. We are currently under construction but will follow the sanitation practices recommended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and will be sanitizing knobs and commonly used surfaces throughout the event. Regal Hills will also offer a $1500 discount to any couples who have been displaced from their current wedding venue through October 2020.

Paradise Park – https://www.visitparadisepark.com

The DeLeon Event Space & Chapel – www.thedeleon.net

The Historic Post Officewww.historicpostoffice.com

Comments: We are located in Ottawa, KS and still have a few Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays available. For a seated event with a dance floor, stations, a buffet, etc., The Historic Post Office can seat up to 180 guests in the ballroom.

Restoration 1894 – www.restoration1894.com

The Oliver Buildingwww.oliverbuilding.com

Comments: The Oliver Building is extending discounted rates, flexible payment options and an accommodating cancellation policy to any wedding or event that is having to be rescheduled from another venue due to Covid-19.

Lake Shore Plaza – Facebook

Comments: We have availability mostly on Fridays and Sundays. We also have a couple of Saturdays in December available. 160 capacity.

Stillhouse Farmswww.stillhousefarms.com

Comments: We have a few Saturdays as well Friday’s and Sundays available. 500 guest capacity.

Crossroads Hotelhttps://crossroadshotelkc.com

Room Blocks, Wedding Venue + Catering

Phone: 816-897-8133

Email: ciliya@crossroadshotelkc.com

The Gatsby on Oak – https://www.thegatsbyonoak.com

Phone: 816-634-2030

Email: kary@thegatsbyonoak.com

Comments: Opening in August 2020

Studio Dan Meinershttps://www.danmeiners.com

Venue, Rentals, Floral, Graphic Design & More

The Emerald Event Spacehttps://theemeraldeventspace.com

Berry Acres & The Hilltop – www.berry-acres.com

Full-Service Venue

Comments: We don’t typically have an open vendor policy, but we are willing to make exceptions for brides that already have all their vendors except for bar services. Here are our regular services – linens, DJ, coordination, bar, food, photo booth and fireworks. If any brides need a venue, we can help at a discounted rate. Availability at the Hilltop is currently very open, as we do not advertise it.

Berry Acres Capacity – 500

Hilltop Capacity – 110

Berry Acres open dates within the next 6 months:

All of July except for the 10th and 11th

August 1st, 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th

The Myer Event Space – www.themyereventspace.com

Comments: Fridays and Sundays mostly open, with some Saturdays in June, July and August. 220 capacity.

Lone Summit Ranch – www.lonesummitranchevents.com

Comments: We have several Fridays and Saturdays available.

Acquaint Gathering – www.acquaintgathering.com

Comments: 120 capacity; July – December we have many open dates. We have a deep clean scheduled this week with professional floor cleaning, etc.

Photography & Videography

My Forever Films Videography – www.myforeverfilms.com

Suzanne Fryer Photography – www.suzannefryerphotography.com

Beloved Images Photography – https://belovedimagesphotography.mypixieset.com

eGolden Moments Photo + Film – www.egoldenmoments.com

Ave. A by Andrea Photography – www.aveabyandrea.com

Dragon & Butterfly Studioswww.dragonandthebutterflystudios.com

Cottonwood Photowww.cottonwoodphoto.com

Natalie Nicole Photographyhttps://natalienicholephotos.com

Switch Focus Studioswww.switchfocusstudios.com

Comments: Many Fridays and Saturdays open; willing to work with budgets and discounts for deposits already made to other photographers that are now unavailable.

Darbi G Photographywww.darbig.com

Nick Allen Photo – www.nickallenblog.com

Melissa and Beth Photography – www.melissaandbeth.com

KCM Studioshttps://kcmstudios.com

Fowlerhouse Films Videography – www.fowlerhousefilms.com

Comments: Offering discounted rates on our packages.

Ashley Rose Photographywww.ashleyrosephotographs.com

Chic Charlie’s Photographywww.chiccharliesphotography.com

LGEmerick Photographywww.lgemerick.com

Comments: If you already put a deposit down on another photographer and they are not available on your reschedule date, I will discount your selected full-day wedding package by that amount, so your original photographer can keep the deposit.

Spencer Studios Photography – www.spencerstudiosphotography.com

Emily Lynn Photography – www.emily-lynn.com

Morgan Miller Photography – www.morganmiller.photography

Espy’s Photography – www.espysphotography.com

Robot Monster Creative Videography – www.robotmonstercreative.com

Captured By Lyndsey Photography – www.capturedbylyndsey.com

Caitlin Shepard Photography – www.caitlinshepard.com

Lexie Penichet Photographywww.lexiepenichet.com

A Day To Adore Photography & Custom Invitations – www.adaytoadore.com

Cassandra Marie Photography – www.cassandra-marie-photography.com

Storybook Moments Photohttps://storybookmomentsphoto.com

Life Expressions Photography – https://lifeexpressionsonline.com

Callista Bond Photography – www.callistabond.com

Moore Peak Collective Photography & Videography – www.moorepeakcollective.com

EAM Photography Photography & Videography – www.eamphotography.pixieset.com

West Rose Photography & Videography – www.thewestrose.com

Netanya’s Pix Photography – www.netanyaspix.com

Mariam Saifan Photography – https://www.mariamsaifan.com

Jefferson May Photography – www.jeffersonmayphotography.com

Attic Rose Photography – www.atticrose.wixsite.com/home

Ashley Ice Photography – www.ashleyicephotography.com

Hallie Fry Photographywww.halliefry.com

Meghan Savage Photohttp://www.meghansavage.com

LC Creative Media Videography – Facebook

Aventi Weddings Photographywww.aventiweddings.com

Based Packages with add-ons for Videography + Photobooth + Coordination

Email: info@aventiweddings.com

Comments: Reach out with requested dates and we will see if we have it open.

Kathleen Straub Photography – www.kathleenstraub.com

Eclicktick Films Videography – https://eclicktikfilms.com

Heart Felt Visual Videography – www.heartfeltvisual.com

Susy Photowww.susy-photo.com

Amber McGill Photography – www.ambermcgillphotography.com

Comments: Offering discounts on packages for any brides that are not able to keep their current photographer.

Elle Marie Photography – www.ellemariephoto.com

Jana Marie Photoswww.janamariephotos.com Phone: 816-694-7453

Big & Little Photoswww.biglittlephotos.com

Melissa Sigler Photography – www.melissasigler.net

Alaina Kristine Photography – www.alainakristine.com

Comments: Open availability in Spring 2020.

Kat Wooten Studios Photography – www.katwootenstudios.com

Comments: Have dates open in June and July.

Marissa K Webb Photographyhttps://www.marissakwebb.com

Poemas de Barro Photography & Videography – www.poemasdebarro.com

Brittyn Elizabeth Photography – www.brittynelizabeth.com

Suzanne Fryer Photography – www.suzannefryerphotography.com

Kristin Ann Photo – www.kristinannphotography.com

Rivas Photography – www.rivasphotography.com

Comments: Policy regarding cancellations and postponements deposits are non-refundable, BUT we are making them transferable to new dates.

Caitlyn Cloud Photography  – www.caitlyncloud.com

Comments: Available most Fridays and Sundays; have a few Saturdays still open. 
For preventative measures I have hand sanitizer for everyone and wipes for any surfaces I’d have them touch during photos.

lastphoto.kc Photography – www.lastphotokc.com

Lauren Kailan Photography – www.laurenkailanphoto.com

Rushing Productions –  www.rushingproductions.com

Photo Booth

The Photo Bus – www.thephotobuskc.com 

Banana Who? Booth – www.bananawhobooth.com

KC Photo Bomb – www.kcphotobomb.com

Levity Eventswww.kcmobiledj.com

The Woo Booth – www.thewoobooth.com

Comments: Photo booth has plenty of availability, sanitation between each guest.

InstaFunKC Photo Boothhttp://instafunkc.com

Airstream Lounge KCwww.airstreamloungekc.com


Good Earth Floral Design Studio – www.goodearthflowers.com

Bel Fiore Farm & Floralhttp://www.belfiorefarm.com

Comments: Our tulip crop will be up in a few weeks and we are able to source flowers from other farms both here in the Midwest and domestically for wedding designs.

Elizabeth Mckenzie Floralswww.elizabethmckenzieflorals.com

Full Service Floral Design

Branches & Twigs Event Floral Design – www.branchesandtwigs.com

Wild Hill Flowers & Eventswww.wildhillflowers.com 

Email: jenni@wildhildflowers.com

Daylight Mind Design – www.daylightminddesign.com

Solstice Floral Studio – www.solsticefloralstudio.com

Flowers by Design KCwww.flowersbydesignkansascity.com

J Smith Eventswww.jsmithevents.com

Full Service Floral Design and Styling

Perfect Petalswww.perfectweddingsandeventsflorist.com

Jori Krenzel Floral Designer – www.jorinotjoy.com

Email: jorikrenzel@gmail.com

Hitched Planning + Floral – www.hitchedinkc.com

Coordination & Floral

Botanical Floral Design – www.botanicalfloraldesign.com

Comments: We have some availability. We do require a 2 weeks notice and a minimum of $2,000 on flowers. Available for these weekends – 5/30, 6/27, 8/8, 8/29, 9/19, 10/3, 10/10, 10/31, Nov/Dec have open availability except for holidays. We are following all CDC guidelines.

Planning & Coordination

Events By Elle – www.eventsbyellekc.com

Fiore Events – www.fioreevents.com

The Veil KC – www.theveilkc.com

Linen & Lights Planning & Coordinating – www.linenandlights.com

Quintessential Events – www.kcweddingplanner.com

Events with Soulwww.eventswithsoulkc.com

Come Join Us – http://www.comejoinusllc.com

Authentically You Planning & Coordinating –  www.ahplanningkc.com

Sage | Wedding Curation Co. Wedding Coordination – www.sagewedco.com

Cottonwood Events – https://cottonwoodeventsks.com

Confetti Events Coordination & Planning – www.confettieventskc.com

TD Event Coordinator – Email: td.events.coordinating@gmail.com

Day Of Event Coordinating

Behind the Vows – www.behindthevows.org

iDev Event Company Wedding Coordination & Henna/Mehendi Tattoo Service – www.ideveventcompany.com

Wildly Yours Weddings + Elopementswww.wildlyyoursweddings.com

Wedding & Elopement Planning & Coordination

Emily Love Eventswww.emilyloveevents.com

Event Design, Planning & Coordination

Timeless Wedding Design – www.timelessweddingdesign.com


Wild Hill Flowers & Eventswww.wildhillflowers.com 

Email: jenni@wildhildflowers.com

All Set Events DJ & Coordinationhttps://www.allseteventskc.com

Events by TN Weston LLCwww.eventsbytnweston.com

Brick & Ivory Eventshttp://brickandivoryevents.com

Coordinating & Planning Services

Bridal Path Weddings & Events – www.bridalpathweddings.com

Hitched Planning + Floral – www.hitchedinkc.com

Coordination & Floral

Belle Journeewww.bellejourneekc.com

Dessert & Cake

Kate Smith Soirée – www.katesmithsoiree.com

Comments: We will not be cancelling on our brides. We have taken extra precautions in our shop in order to continue providing services. We are more than happy to help displaced couples in creating a dream dessert table for them. Our bakery is a licensed and insured commercial facility.

Abby’s Goodies Dessert Bar, Wedding Cakes – Email: abigail@abbysgoodies.com

It’s a Sweet Treat Day Bakery – www.itsasweettreatdaybakery.com

Comments: Offering wedding cakes, cupcakes and customized sugar cookies. We can provide cupcakes in individual containers and cookies individually sealed for easy grab and go options.

Water to Wheat Cakery – www.watertowheatcakery.com

Sweet Culture Candy Storehttps://www.sweetculturegourmet.com

Comments: Our doors will be opening this spring at our retail location in Blue Springs and we would love to help.

Blue Thistle Cakerywww.bluethistlecakes.com

Crumbs and Confections LLCwww.crumbsandconfections.com

Comments: We will be open for weddings starting in October.

Cottontale (All Natural Cotton Candy) – www.cottontalekc.com

Royally Frosted Cookie Co. – Facebook

Email: royallyfrostedcookieco@gmail.com

KC Cake Lady –  www.kccakelady.org

Crumbs by Breann Cake & Cookies – https://crumbs-by-breann.business.site


Erin Cook Personal Bartending Services  – www.erincookbartending.com

Slush Your Mouth Frozen Drink Machine Rental – www.slushyourmouth.com

KC Wine Workswww.kcwineworks.com

Top Shelf Bartending – http://kctopshelf.com

Brightstar Events – www.brightstar-events.com

The Belt Cocktail Companywww.thebeltcocktail.com

Fizzolino – https://kcfizzolino.com


Blue Pot Catering – https://thebluepot.com

Phone: 816-916-0169 Email: chef@bluepot.com

Brancato’s Catering – www.brancatoscatering.com

Comments: Offering full service catering and bartending services, as well as drop-off catering options. We follow all guidelines in safe food handling and cleaning/sanitation processes as directed by state, local and national agencies. Info. on extra measures we are taking can be found at: https://brancatoscatering.com/committed-to-safety/.

Local Season Catering & Events – https://localseasonscatering.com

Moxie Catering – www.moxiecatering.com

Email: moxiecatering@gmail.com

Olive Events – www.oliveeventscatering.com

Comments: Moxie Catering and Golden Ox can host in our own space up to 60 or cater events of any size. Kitchen is licensed and insured; just got a clean health inspection on 3/13/20. We have dates available in April and May.

Hair & Makeup

Radiate Beauty Makeup Artistry + Aesthetics – www.radiate-beauty.com

Kathryn Craig LE Makeup – www.kathryncraigle.com/bridal

Comments: I am an Esthetician, as well, so I maintain sanitary measures, additional to KBOC’s strict guidelines.

Hello Lovely KC Hair & Makeup – www.hellolovelykc.com

Comments: We are also offering our studio at a discount for couples who are unable to get ready in their original venue.

Modern Brides by Ashley Bridal Hair –  Ashleyfancher2@gmail.com

White Carpet Bride Hair + Makeup – www.whitecarpetbride.com

Looks By Logan Makeup – www.logannstadel.com

Dani Jo Bell Makeup ArtistryFacebook

Enoeliá RamirezFacebook

Graceful Beauty KCwww.gracefulbeautykc.com


Ultrapom Event Rental – www.ultrapom.com

Comments: Policies regarding cancellations and postponements – deposits are non-refundable, BUT we are making them transferable to new dates.

Luminate KCwww.luminatekc.com

Marquee Letter Light Rentals

Brightstar Events – www.brightstar-events.com

Citrus and Sage Co. – https://citrusandsageco.com

Supply Event Rental – www.supplyevents.com

Good Stuff Chinahttps://goodstuffchina.com

Fox Creek Designs – www.fox-creek.com

Rustic Elegance Event Rental – www.rusticeleganceeventrental.com

Comments: Deposits are non-refundable, but we will offer flexible contracts and rescheduling for rental decorations booked between now and May 1st.

Brossie Bellewww.brossiebelle.com

Comments: Offering cancel-free contracts and flexible postponements for décor rentals booked between now and May 1st. *Unless otherwise instructed/directed by health or government officials.

Bridal & Suits/Tuxes

All My Heart Bridalwww.allmyheartbridal.com 

Email: hello@allmyheartbridal.com 

Phone: 816-258-2714

Comments: We have a wide variety of gowns available for purchase off-the-rack and are implementing new payment options to help ease the financial burden to brides.

Stephanie’s Bridal Boutiquewww.stephaniesbridalboutique.com

Bridal Extraordinairewww.bridalextraordinaire.com

Wedding Gowns + Accessories, Bridesmaid Dresses, Tuxedo/Suit Rental or Purchase

Something White Bridal Boutique – www.somethingwhitebridalboutique.com

Comment: We have a good variety of off-the-rack gowns for brides who’s gowns are delayed to the point of not making it in time.

DJ & Entertainment

Bentley’s Beats DJ Entertainment – Facebook

All Set Events DJ & Coordination – https://www.allseteventskc.com

Levity Eventswww.kcmobiledj.com


A Day To Adore Photography & Custom Invitations – www.adaytoadore.com

Cuorebella Stationery, Announcements & Invitations – www.cuorebella.com

Little Yellow Leaf – www.littleyellowleaf.com


Travel Unrivaled – www.travelunrivaled.com

Start Your AdventureFacebook

Email: startyouradventure@outlook.com


Cindy Scott Artistrywww.cindyscottartistry.com

Onsite Live Painting & Paint the Party as it Happens

iDev Event Company Wedding Coordination & Henna/Mehendi Tattoo Service –  www.ideveventcompany.com

The Rosemary Room Shopwww.etsy.com/shop/therosemaryroomsho

Custom Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses, Tumblers, Signage & More

Kansas City Reindeer – Facebook

Bolle Bathwww.bollebath.com

Comments: We are ready to provide quality bridal gift boxes and favors. We can ship these items to home addresses, so everyone can stay home. Wedding vendors, we can also provide custom client thank you gift sets. 

Luminate KCwww.luminatekc.com

Marquee Letter Light Rentals

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Comments: Offering custom gifts and signage. Orders are all shippable, so that if you’re practicing social isolation, you can continue to do so.

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Wire Bridal Hangers, Ring Bearer Boxes, Wire Cake Toppers & More


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