We turned to the finest Kansas City Wedding Planner in town to get some our couple’s questions answered. Introducing, Events by Elle and the beautiful (inside and out) owners behind the coordination company, Michelle and Jonelle. Today, they are answering 5 questions that we have received from brides. Maybe one of these questions belongs to you as well!

The Questions

To have a planner or to not have a planner?

Q: I feel like I could plan the wedding myself, but a few of my friends are raving about the planner that they had help with their day. What is an advantage to hiring a wedding planner?

A: We would say the biggest advantage is having that go-to person that helps keep you on track throughout the planning process and that ensures you are hiring top-notch vendors that are within your budget. There are times a client will come to us after they’ve already hired several vendors. They are overwhelmed and want help with their budget. At that point, we can’t backtrack and save them financially. We help them cut corners in that scenario, but the main goal when hiring us, in the beginning, is not to cut corners but to help them overall in every category of planning so that they are truly getting what they want without breaking the budget.

Ideas for Personal Touches

Q: We are wanting to include various personal touches into our wedding; what are some of the most creative personal touches you have seen?

A: We’ve seen couples personalize their wedding in various ways and we love helping them come up with those ideas! One bride’s father was the co-founder of Freddy’s so she chose to bring in burgers, fries and frozen custard as a late night snack. The best part were the fountains (literally) of their famous fry sauce! Other brides have chosen “his and her” favorite foods, drinks, and desserts. Some couples have given guests their favorite candles, soaps, or treats. We always look for ways to tell the bride and groom’s story because that is truly what personalizes a wedding day.

Creating Boundaries with Family Ideas

Q: What is the best way to build planning boundaries with parents & future in-laws? We value their ideas but don’t want to hurt feelings or feel guilty about not implementing them into our wedding plans. 

A:  Generally, parents just want to be included.  A great way to do that is to invite them to cake and food tastings! This lets them feel like they are part of the planning process but ultimately, you will decide which food will be served and what flavors of cake you’d like.

Wedding Planner vs. Florist

Q: What is the difference between showing a design photo I like to my florist and sharing that same exact photo with a planner?

A: A florist mainly concerns themselves with the details of the flowers whereas a planner not only fulfills the look but helps to make it a congruent theme throughout the entire wedding. 

Common Regrets

Q: After working with so many couples, what regret do you hear most often after the wedding day? 

A: Videography! If they chose not to hire a videographer that is always the thing they regret. Videos are different than photos. You will want both! A video portrays the entire day captured live with people’s voices, laughter, music, etc. It’s a rare moment when all of your family and friends are celebrating together and to have footage of that day together is absolutely priceless.

Events by Elle is a personable and extremely talented group of Kansas City wedding planners. They pride themselves on creating unique events for their clients that is a true representation of their tastes and personalities.